Become our Partner

StudyLine adopts a broad-minded policy and openness to everyone and gives you a golden opportunity to be a partner, and a certified agent in all Arab and European countries, helping you to develop yourself and increase your income by providing all offers available to students who register through you.

Agents are true partners, and they get a lot of privileges from the company that help them in their work, the most important of which are:

  • Provide all necessary information about Turkish universities, and registration procedures.
  • A certain percentage of the profits to be agreed upon with the agents.
  • Provide advice and support on a permanent basis.
  • Assistance in marketing and achieving spread by providing advice and general analysis of market requirements.
  • Providing students who register through agents with all offers.

The ethics of partnership requires the agent to adhere to a set of rules that contribute to the success and advancement of work, the most important of these rules:

  • Commitment to the terms of the agreements and contracts concluded with the company.
  • Adherence to the general principles of the company not to mislead students and to be honest in dealing with them.
  • Submit periodic reports to the company on the progress of work.
  • Not to charge any additional fees from students that are not agreed upon.
  • Communicate with the company and see the latest decisions and laws.

  To know more about the partnership mechanism, method of communication and agreement, please contact the company through the means of communication shown on the website.