Animation is based on a set of sequential images that are moved in a specific format until they appear to the viewer as moving drawings and characters walking, eating, drinking and practicing life in all details.

This major accompanied the early beginnings of the emergence of television and cinema, as television and cinema in large areas relied mainly on animation. In our time, Animation is an industry that is used as a means of entertainment for children in addition to many other tasks it performs, such as influencing the audience, directing the collective conscience of human societies towards positive ideas and conveying important messages in an easy way.

الرسوم المتحركة


This major is known as a comprehensive approach to a number of artistic and digital fields as it combines art, creativity, design and technology. Students in this department study a group of courses that focus on Traditional Animation and modern animation based on Digital Drawing.


Duration of study:

The duration of study in this major is four years in most international universities as well as Turkish ones that adopt the latest means of education in addition to their focus on the practical aspects of the major, so the student becomes rich with academic information and great practical experience.


Importance of Cartoon and Animation:

In the past, animation was directed at young children for the purpose of entertainment sometimes, instilling values, principles and morals at other times, and directing public thinking towards a specific angle to produce societal behaviors based on general respect.

Because of the great development that established the foundations for the emergence of modern civilizations in various countries of the world, animation was used as a very important tool for the conscience of human societies and directing them towards the right goals by relying on work and waiting for the effect after that.

Animation in the modern era is no longer limited to cartoon films directed to children, but has a wide horizon for the production of cartoon films dealing with various topics and ideas.

Due to the wide spread of smart digital devices and the Internet, animation has become a means of advertising and conveying messages to the public.

What added to the importance of this major is the great competition between animation companies and advertising companies and the desire of these companies to develop permanently and reach absolute professionalism, as animation designers form the cornerstone of these productive companies.

Universities have paid attention to this major by providing it with the necessary tools to develop the creativity of designers, and have worked to attract young people with talent and creative intellect who wish to have an important opportunity in the creative artistic field.


Cartoon and Animation Curriculum:

The program of this major offers a set of scientific courses and practical exercises that form the creative talent of students and provide them with the professional means to work. This is a sample curriculum for the Cartoon and Animation major:

  • First Year: Introduction to Animation – Introduction to Digital Art – Basic Art – Animation and History of Visual Effects – Studio and Lighting for Animation – Communication and Academic Reporting Skills – Art, Culture and Society – Animation Cinematography.
  • Second year: Character Design for Animation – Story and Narration Tools – Storyboard and Planning – 3D Animation – Media and Communication Theories – Editing – Screenwriting for Animation – Dialogue, Music and Sound Effects.
  • Third year: pre-production Animated Films – Animation Films Production – (a set of optional courses).
  • Fourth year: Graduation Project – (a set of optional courses).


Career Fields:

This major is considered one of the popular majors in the art and media sector, so the animation designer can work in many institutions and companies such as:

  • TV Channels.
  • Art Production Companies.
  • Advertising Companies.
  • Design and Communication Companies.

Animation in the modern era is no longer limited to cartoon films directed to children, but has become a big view and a broad horizon for the production of cartoon films for adults that deal with various topics and ideas.

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