Automotive Engineering is a subdiscipline in the field of Engineering & Technology which focuses on designing new vehicles or finding ways to improve the current machine technology and systems in addition to the security and safety systems in vehicles. Automotive Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject which intersects with knowledge from other fields, such as Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Materials Science.


Automotive Engineering includes design of Vehicles Production Systems, Automotive Assembly, Robotics Systems, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Modern vehicles have become dependent on electronic systems in their operation because the electronic parts intersect with the mechanical components in the vehicle through specific systems. Therefore, the automotive engineer is very familiar with mechatronics.


The great development in this field is due to the rapid technological progress that humanity is experiencing, and the constant desire of countries to obtain energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles of the best quality with the lowest possible costs.


هندسة السيارات

The duration of study in the field of Automotive Engineering is four years in Turkish universities, which are distinguished by modern teaching methods, strong relations with the many auto factories in Turkey, and the opportunity to train students there, until they graduate with academic and practical experience.


Importance of Automotive Engineering:

Transportation and mobility are a constant need in ancient times and the present era, as the modern automotive industry has become dependent on a creative automotive engineer in design, planning and implementation.


Automotive Engineering is the first pillar in designing modern, safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles of great quality. The great booms in the field of transporting goods between countries made the automotive engineer strive to develop huge freight vehicles that individuals, companies and countries are racing to acquire.


Most countries are in a constant race against time to reach the greatest possible modernity in the world of vehicles and are working to develop new generations of vehicles such as Autonomous Vehicles, Alternative Energy Vehicles and Flying Cars. This has opened great horizons for the automotive engineer to innovate in this field and has made Automotive Engineering one of the leading and necessary university majors in our time and in the coming years.


Being an automotive engineer is exciting because right now the entire industry is going through a massive shift in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Students who graduate from a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering find career opportunities as automotive manufacturing engineers, automotive technical consultants, automotive designers, or quality assurance managers.


Automotive Engineering Curriculum:

The link between Mechanics, Electronics, Mechatronics and Electricity in Vehicles has forced Automotive Engineering to provide a set of scientific courses that give the automotive engineer the information and expertise required to become fully acquainted with this science.


Subjects may differ between universities, and here we present some of the subjects and courses that are given to students in Automotive Engineering:

  • First year: Calculus – General Physics – Introduction to Programming – Engineering Drawing – General Chemistry- Materials Science
  • Second year: Multiple Differential Equations – Arithmetic Methods in Engineering – Engineering Mechanics – Introduction to Economics – Introduction to Vehicle Production – Linear Algebra – Probability and Statistics – Principles of Thermal Sciences
  • Third year: Machine Elements – Fluid Mechanics – Engines and Combustion Engines – Electronics and Electrical Circuits – Automotive Engineering – Power Transmission Systems – Vehicle Dynamics – Machine Theory – Industrial Training
  • Fourth year: Automotive and Vehicle Design – Modern Vehicle Technology – Mechatronics for Automotive Engineering – Energy Systems – Manufacturing Engineering – Industrial Automation – Electromechanical Energy Transfer


Career Fields:

Automotive Engineering is distinguished as one of the most popular majors in the labor market in various countries of the world, as the demand for this field is constantly increasing in all sectors of the automotive industry and other related sectors. An automotive engineer can occupy many important places and jobs, including:

  • Automotive Industry.
  • Individual, Research, Medical and Military Vehicles Design Companies.
  • Design and Manufacture of Auto Parts.
  • Airports and Major Service Institutions.
  • Sports Clubs interested in Motor Racing.

The Automotive Engineering major aims to design cars, their systems and their internal and external parts, the effect of these parts on each other, and their harmonious working mechanism, using methods of mechanics and mechatronics, the basics of electronics, electricity and software engineering, in addition to modern technological means, and security and safety systems in cars.

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