The Aviation Management is one of the emerging majors as a result of the great development witnessed by the world in the field of travel, air transport and airports, in addition to the need for this service sector for managers specialized in its management and administration.

The aviation management specialization combines the sciences of public administration and aviation, where the focus in the first years is on the sciences of public administration, then the study moves towards specialization more in the fields of aviation sciences and management.

إدارة الطيران والمطارات

The Aviation Management major combines the sciences of Public Administration and Aviation, where the focus in the first years is on the sciences of Public Administration, then the study moves towards specialization more in the fields of Aviation Sciences and Management.

The Aviation Management major aims to graduate students and provide them with the necessary foundations and skills to design, operate and manage airports, and give them the ability to develop Air Navigation and solve problems that stand in their way so that they can understand the Aviation System and its relations with other sectors in addition to a good familiarity with international regulations related to the Aviation Sector.

Aviation Management graduates are fully equipped with managerial and business knowledge and possess a comprehensive familiarity with ground infrastructures for safe and comfortable air transport.


The difference between Aviation Management and Aviation Engineering:

Both majors are thoroughly acquainted with aviation sciences and the foundations of air transport, but Aviation Engineering focuses on the operation of aircraft, their parts and the mechanism of their operation, while the field of Aviation Management is responsible for the management and design of sectors surrounding the aircraft such as airports, airlines and others.


Duration of study:

Students study for a period of four years in Turkish universities, which are distinguished by their global superiority in the field of Aviation.


Importance of the Aviation Management major:

The importance of the Aviation Management major comes from the great need for specialists in organizing the work of the aviation and air transport sector because the management of these major facilities, with the sensitive and modern means and tools they contain, is not carried out simply by knowledge of the sciences of public administration only, but by a great knowledge of the fundamentals of this sector and a broad knowledge of the mechanisms of its operation. Therefore, the Aviation Management major has been of great importance among other university majors as it is one of the majors that cannot be dispensed with or replaced in the future.

Given that air travel is the most secure and safe means of transportation, in addition to the expansion and increase in the number of airports and airlines, the demand for graduates of aviation management with academic knowledge and practical experience that is given to the student during the continuous training during the study is to design and manage these airports and manage the rapidly growing airlines, that is why aviation management graduates have enjoyed great importance and prestige in human societies.

The Aviation Management major has become the aspiration of creative young people with broad-mindedness and who wish to skip stages, go beyond the ordinary and achieve a bright future and high income.

International and Turkish universities pay great attention to Aviation Management to meet the needs of students and cover the growing needs of the labor market.


Aviation Management Curriculum:

The Aviation Management Program contains a comprehensive and intensive program designed to prepare graduates to work in the field of Aviation Management and focus on airport planning, design and management. The academic content and names of some subjects may differ between universities, and these are some of the subjects taught in this major:

  • First year: Introduction to Air Transport – Introduction to Business – Microeconomics – Mathematics for Social Sciences – Macroeconomics.
  • Second year: Financial Accounting – Introduction to Business Law in Aviation – Aviation Principles – Marketing Principles – Data Analysis in Aviation Management – Strategic Planning and Design for Airports.
  • Third Year: Administrative Accounting – Aviation Company Management – Air Traffic and Meteorology – Operations Management in Aviation – Air Transport Economics – Aviation Marketing.
  • Fourth Year: Aviation Fleet Planning and Aviation Network Management – Safety Management System – Aviation Law – Improvement in Aviation Management – Airport Management and Marketing – Aviation Security.


Aviation Management and Business World:

The Aviation Management major achieves great popularity in the labor market due to the spread of airports and the large number of airlines, where the graduate will be able to occupy many prestigious jobs and important places such as:

  • Airport management.
  • Management of airlines.
  • Contracting and airport design companies.
  • Tourism companies and airline marketing.

The aviation and airport management major is achieving great popularity in the labor market due to the proliferation of airports and the large number of airlines, and a graduate in the aviation and airport management major can occupy many prestigious jobs and important places.

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