The successful management with creative thinking is the basis for the success of any company or institution, large or small, and the major of Business Management is one of the emerging sciences at the beginning of the nineteenth century, which gives students a general background in various subjects, such as accounting, human resource management, marketing, production management, finance and others.

Business Management includes a group of sciences such as economics, mathematics, law, sociology, and psychology.

إدارة الأعمال

The Business Management major aims to teach students several matters such as research, problem solving, independent thinking, critical thinking, and quick thinking, giving them the ability to adapt to circumstances, make appropriate decisions and implement them correctly, and train them on the qualities of a successful leader.

The great and rapid development of management science has led to several branches and departments, one of which the student chooses during his studies, namely management, finance, marketing and human resources.


Duration of study:

 The student spends four years studying Business Management in Turkish universities, which work diligently for the permanent development of the Business Management Program to be a pioneer in teaching Business Management.


The Importance of Business Management:

The Business Management major, which prepares students to lead and manage commercial, industrial and service enterprises, is one of the most important university majors that humanity needs.

The success of projects is linked to the existence of a successful manager who has a basic knowledge of management science and who is able to deal with the data and derive judgments appropriate to the conditions of the organization he runs.

The importance of this major is reflected in the graduates ’ability to contribute effectively in several fields such as commercial companies, factories, hospitals, schools, tourism, service companies, and entertainment institutions.

It is not possible to imagine a small or large body, institution, or company without the presence of a group of Business Management graduates who are active in all its administrative, financial, human and organizational aspects. Therefore, Business Management graduates enjoyed a great deal of respect and importance in different human societies.

The Business Management major has become an attractive destination for students aspiring to a bright future, a prominent social position, and a high income.

Due to the great importance and demand for this major, universities have worked to pay attention to it, develop its curricula, use the latest means of education to keep pace with the times, meet students’ desires, and fill the void in the labor market that increases in demand for Business Management major.


Business Management Curriculum:

The educational program for the Business Management major contains a set of scientific courses that provide the student with the sciences of management, accounting, finance and other branches of management science. The academic curriculum and names of some subjects may change between different universities, and this is an example of some subjects taught in the Business Management major:

  • First year: Introduction to Business – Introduction to Economics – Mathematics – Office Applications for Business and Economics – Applied Business and Society – Communication Skills and Academic Reports – Business Communication.
  • Second Year: Introduction to Accounting – Approaches in Management – Statistical Business Analysis – Financial Reporting and Cost Analysis – Organizational Behavior – Advanced Business Statistics.
  • Third year: Human Resources Management – Marketing Fundamentals – Production and Operation Management – Financial Management – Marketing Fundamentals – Business Economics – Marketing Management – Management Accounting.
  • Fourth Year: Strategic Management – Consumer Behavior – Management Information Systems – Project Management – Civil Society Management – Global Trade – Strategic Management Control – Computer Skills.


Business Management and Labor Market:

Business Management is one of the majors that are very popular in the business world, and the graduate can have prestigious jobs and important positions such as:

  • Director of companies, factories and institutions.
  • Production manager.
  • Marketing Director.
  • Logistics Operations Manager.
  • Human Resources Manager.

The Business Administration major, which prepares students who are able to lead commercial, industrial and service organizations and manage their affairs, is one of the most important university majors that humanity needs in its life.

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