Chemistry is defined as the science that studies materials and elements, and their interactions with each other, but the major of Chemical Engineering revolves around converting raw materials and chemicals into useful and valuable products. Students study general engineering sciences such as mathematics, physics and biology, and these sciences are employed in the service of studying chemical reactions, and then students move to specialize more in chemical engineering sciences.

الهندسة الكيميائية


Chemical Engineering aims to train engineers who are able to design machines, chemical plants and production lines in factories that rely on chemical reactions in their work, in addition to giving them the ability to develop these machines, stations and production lines and solve the problems they encounter during work.

Chemical Engineering entered universities in the first decade of the twentieth century, and it is one of the most advanced majors as a result of the great development that humanity is experiencing in all aspects of human life.


The difference between Chemical Engineering and Chemistry:

Some may confuse the two majors, but there is a fundamental difference between the two university branches, where the mission of the graduate of the Department of Chemistry is confined to chemical research inside laboratories and to provide the best results, while the chemical engineer tends to the practical application side such as factories, stations, etc. The work of the chemical engineer is considered complementary to the work of the graduate of the Department of Chemistry.


Duration of study:

Students study for four years in Turkish universities, which are considered among the distinguished universities in the world, due to their adoption of the latest educational methods, and their use of the best advanced laboratories in practical experiments.


Importance of Chemical Engineering:

Chemical engineers do not leave an industrial product until they have put a positive imprint on it. There are many examples and we review some of them in the fertilizer, food, clothing, plastic industries, mining sector, cement, iron and steel factories, factories that contain large furnaces for various products, oil and gas fields, phosphates, and oil refining stations.

In addition, chemical engineers contribute significantly to preserving the environment and reducing pollution by developing chemical mechanisms to treat waste and recycle water, and invent means to recycle things and not resort to disposing of them. Therefore, chemical engineers enjoy a prominent position in human societies because they can occupy the largest jobs and get remunerative salaries that suit their abilities.

Universities are constantly working to develop the Chemical Engineering major to keep pace with the spirit of the times, and the amazing developments that humanity is experiencing in various aspects of life, as the chemical engineering major is witnessing an increasing demand by students aspiring to a promising future.


Chemical Engineering Curriculum:

The Chemical Engineering major includes various scientific courses that include a group of sciences that graduates benefit from in order to perform their tasks in the best way. The names of the subjects may differ between the different universities, and this is a model for some of the subjects taught in the major of Chemical Engineering:

  • First Year: Introduction to Chemical Engineering – Calculus – General Physics – General Chemistry – Computer Engineering Graphics – Psychology and Communication Skills – Introduction to Algorithms and Programming.
  • Second year: Fluid Mechanics – Physical Chemistry – Measurement of Elements – Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineering – Introduction to Programming for Engineers – Linear Algebra of Differential Equations.
  • Third Year: Chemical Reaction Engineering – Mass Transfer – Chemical Engineering Lab – Statistics and Probabilities – Engineering Economics – Heat Transfer.
  • Fourth Year: Sustainable and Renewable Energy – Chemical Engineering Lab – Occupational Safety and Health- Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

Chemical engineering major is witnessing a great popularity in the local and international labor market, and chemical engineers are able to occupy many prestigious jobs in the labor market such as:

  • Oil Companies.
  • Pharmaceutical Institutions and Pharmaceutical Factories.
  • food Factories.
  • Clothing Companies.

Since the entry of Chemical Engineering into the world of university majors and the emergence of chemical engineers in working life, the chemical engineering major has witnessed great popularity in the local and global labor market, and the chemical engineer can occupy many prestigious jobs and important places in the labor market.

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