It is not at all surprising in modern human civilization the emergence of a university major in which children are the focus of research, interest and study in it, as the true wealth of every nation is its children who will lead it in the future. Child development falls under the list of majors offered in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and it combines health sciences with the basic principles of education sciences, so we find in this major a set of scientific courses for these two sciences in addition to some sciences related to psychology and sociology.

تنمية الطفل

Child Development aims to prepare individuals who are able to deal with children to be ready to improve the mental aspects, self-care, social and emotional development of children until they reach the age of eighteen.

Whoever wants to study Child Development must have these characteristics:

  • Love of learning and passion.
  • Interest in human development and influencing others.
  • Loving children and sitting with them.
  • The ability to understand other people’s problems and the desire to find solutions.


Duration of study:

Students study for four years in most international universities, as well as in Turkish universities, which are distinguished by offering this program because of Turkey’s great interest in children.


Importance of Child Development:

Children raised correctly and according to appropriate rules of behavior will surely form human societies free from social and behavioral problems

In a world full of wars, leaving tragedies on society in general and on children in particular, who will suffer from behavioral and psychological disorders for many years, so it has become imperative that the role of Child Development major be highlighted in order to play its primary role in the process of correcting the life course of these children and helping them overcome the crises they are experiencing. Child development graduates are not limited to treating these cases resulting from wars, but their influence extends to children who suffer from psychological or behavioral disorders resulting from family dysfunction or other causes. Most importantly, their basic and important role in early education, pre-school and kindergarten stages, as they possess all the necessary scientific and training means to attract and teach children easily.


Child Development Curriculum:

Getting acquainted with everything related to children requires knowledge of various health, educational, psychological and social sciences. Here is a sample curriculum for Child Development from Istinye University:

  • First Year: Child Development – Child Development Legislation – Anatomy – Sociology- Mathematics – Psychology – Communication Skills – Physiology – Basic Nutrition – Report Writing and Presentation Skills – Development in Childhood.
  • Second Year: Early Childhood – Special Education 1-2 – Mother and Child Nutrition – Neural Development – Genetics – Child Mental Health – Psychological Counseling and Guidance – Middle Childhood Development – Special Education – Child Recognition Techniques – Preschool Games – Child Health and Diseases – Children Literature.
  • Third Year: Early Childhood Intervention – Anthropology – Children and Science – Research Methods – Mental Disabilities – Entrepreneurship – Adolescent Development – Prevalent Developmental Disorders – Biostatistics – Practical Application.
  • Fourth Year: Parental Education and Counseling – Hearing, Language and Speech Disorders – Assessment in Middle Childhood and Adolescence – Application in Child Development – Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

Child Development graduates occupy various jobs in various health, educational and social sectors such as:

  • Social Services Institutions.
  • Kindergarten.
  • Hospitals.
  • Private work.

The Child Development specialization aims to prepare individuals who are able to deal with the child to be ready to improve the mental, motor, self-care and social and emotional development of children from the age of one day until the age of eighteen.

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