The modern era is witnessing a great spread of digital means and smart devices all over the world, and these smart devices with multiple services and uses are the basis on which humankind relies in various scientific, practical and entertainment fields, as digital games witness amazing leaps in ideas, technologies and quality.

Digital Game Design is one of the new university majors that have entered academic university studies as a result of the technological development in digital devices and their multiple forms and types. Digital Game Design specializes in many sciences such as design, technical sciences, basics of drawing, and programming techniques.

تصميم الألعاب الرقمية

The Digital Game Design major aims to train competent students who will participate in the digital games industry and who will put these games in the hands of amateurs and professional players all over the world in addition to helping students learn methods of mixing their imaginations with modern digital technologies to create games with high-end content.

Success in Digital Game Design requires talent, imagination, the ability to innovate and produce new ideas that suit the aspirations of the new generation.


Duration of study:

Digital Game Design students study for four years in most international universities, including Turkish universities that have reserved a prominent place at the international level.


Importance of Digital Game Design:

This major is of great importance because it trains students in the digital games industry that billions of people use every day, and some of them use these games to compete in world tournaments and big competitions. Some of these games played a big role in bringing some professional players to global fame and enormous financial fortunes.

The great expansion of Digital Game-Producing Companies that depend on graduates of the this major and the intense competition between these companies to control the local and global markets created great opportunities for digital game designers and new jobs in the labor markets.

Digital devices vary in their forms and types. There are, for example, computers, tablets, smart mobiles, and all these devices have many digital games. The Internet has helped the spread of games, as these games allow people from different countries to communicate, play and compete.

Digital Game Design graduates have a great responsibility to maintain the high standard, especially games for children, and not to allow the moral level of these games to be inferior.


Digital Game Design Curriculum:

Students study various scientific courses that include technical sciences, which help to mix ideas, imagination and creativity at the same time. The curriculum and titles of some subjects may differ between different universities, and this is a sample curriculum for the Digital Game Design major:

  • First year: Introduction to Design and Creative Thinking – Fundamentals of Game Design – Basic Programming of Games – Games and Culture – History and Analysis of Digital Games – Game Development.
  • Second year: Graphics and Animation – Games and Aesthetics – Project Management – Design Levels- New Platforms in Game Development – Interface and Interaction Design – Complex Game Mechanics.
  • Third year: Advanced Games Development – 3D Graphics and Animation – Games and Narration – Game Experience and Data Analysis – Sound and Music for Games.
  • Fourth Year: Digital Games Industry – Graduation Project – (A set of optional subjects).

Career Fields:

It is considered one of the most popular jobs in today’s business world, as it is an important cornerstone of global Game Design Companies, where graduates of this field can occupy many jobs in many places, including:

  • Advertising Companies.
  • TV Ads Design.
  • Montage and Video Editing.

The Digital Game Design major aims to train competent individuals who will participate in the digital games industry, who will put these games in the hands of amateurs and professional gamers all over the world, and will help students learn ways to blend their imagination with modern digital technologies to create advanced games with meaning and high-end content.

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