The world is witnessing an increasing development in all engineering disciplines that touch the various aspects of life and intersect with the administrative sciences, which in turn witnessed clear progress in various sciences and as a result of this great development and the need for human societies to have engineers equipped with management and leadership skills for engineering work. Therefore, the Master of Engineering Management Program has become an urgent matter.

الإدارة الهندسية

The Engineering Management Program is considered one of the modern programs in the business world that tends to specialize in the distribution of administrative, commercial, industrial and service work, where each major has specific tasks, it performs.

The student will find that it is one of the broad disciplines as it combines management sciences and engineering, which gives the student distinguished administrative and engineering skills that help him to prove himself in various fields of administrative and engineering work.

The Engineering Management student has the right to choose between studying the major with submitting a thesis or studying without a thesis, according to the options offered by each university in this program.

This major aims mainly to provide engineers with the necessary administrative expertise to lead the engineering sector and manage the engineering team in order to achieve the best quality of work as quickly as possible and provide them with the necessary means to solve administrative problems and get out of crises that can afflict different companies and the engineering sector. Therefore, students are trained on strategic thinking skills to overcome problems.


Duration of study:

The duration varies according to the student’s choice, so if he chooses to study the major with the thesis, he will study four semesters over two years, and if the student chooses to study the major without a thesis, he is required to study only three semesters, and this applies to most Turkish universities.


The importance of Engineering Management:

The necessities of life in the modern era require all engineers to complete their higher studies and to become familiar with management sciences through one of the most important disciplines that combine engineering with management, which is the engineering management specialty, in order to keep pace with the spirit of the times and to be able to reserve a distinguished place for themselves in today’s business world.

The importance increases when we know the tasks and responsibilities that graduates can perform with the highest levels of professionalism and distinction, including quality management, management, data analysis, financial engineering and cost management, supply chain and logistics management, risk management, design and operation of machinery systems and many other Important jobs in this field.

Engineers from all engineering disciplines are flocking to study this program because of its great importance in the labor market in the modern era, so universities in various developed and developing countries have developed this program to reach the highest levels of professionalism and perfection.



Students in Engineering Management study a mixture of scientific courses from social sciences, engineering sciences and management sciences. This is an example of the study program for the Engineering Management major with a thesis from Bahçeşehir University:

  • First semester: Advanced Engineering Management – (A set of optional courses).
  • Second semester: Research Methods and Ethics – Engineering Project Management – Production and Operations Management – Master’s thesis.
  • Third semester: Master’s thesis.
  • Fourth semester: Master’s thesis.


Engineering Management and Business World:

Job opportunities increase for graduates and become a priority for them to fill the most important jobs in various engineering and administrative sectors such as:

  • Senior administrative positions in various institutions and companies.
  • Research and development centers.
  • Academic education.

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