Fashion and Textile Design is one of the leading majors that has emerged in the modern era in response to the professionalism we see in the Textile and Clothing Industry. Those who wish to study the major of Fashion and Textile Design should have a high level of creative thinking and imagination, the ability to produce new ideas, in addition to a beautiful artistic touch.

This major appeared when factories started making ready-made clothes, and thus this field has come to meet the aspirations of mankind to wear beautiful and distinctive clothes.

تصميم الأزياء والمنسوجات

The fashion design process goes through multiple stages, starting from identifying the customer, then making the initial drawings on paper, choosing fabrics, working on a prototype, determining the appropriate specifications for the body, and finally the stage of manufacturing and displaying products.

Fashion and Textile Design includes the theoretical study of design basics and the practical study that usually starts from the second year until students reach graduation equipped with all the tools for success.

The Fashion and Textile Design major helps to cultivate the talents of creative students and equip them with academic sciences in order to be among the influencers in the fashion world.


Duration of study:

Students majoring in Fashion and Textile Design study for four years in Turkish universities that have a prominent reputation in the world of universities and academic education.


Importance of Fashion and Textile Design:

The credit goes to the skilled fashion designers who put their artistic touch on most of the clothes we wear, and thus we see the great importance of Fashion and Textile Design.

The field of Fashion and Textile Design has witnessed a great competition between the civilizations and cultures of the world. their clothes. The importance of this major is demonstrated by the graduates of this field who play the primary role in preserving the cultures of different civilizations and their way of wearing their clothes.

Fashion and Textile Design is one of the most popular majors in the labor market due to the great progress in the world of fashion, the Textile and Apparel Industry, the spread of clothing factories all over the world, and the distinguished work that fashion designers do in these fields.

International and Turkish universities pay great attention to Fashion and Textile Design due to the high demand of young people aspiring to work in the major international fashion houses, in addition to the fact that graduates of this field enjoy a prominent social position and high income.


Fashion and Textile Design Curriculum:

Fashion and Textile Design includes theoretical and practical aspects, in addition to scientific courses that provide students with creativity and design skills. Some subjects may differ between universities, and this is a sample curriculum for the Fashion and Textile Design major:

  • First year: Basic Art Education – Design and Photography- Art History -Techniques of Textile Painting – Knowledge of Textile Materials – Analysis of Color in Textiles – Basic Template Techniques – History of Civilizations.
  • Second year: Technical Drawing in Fashion Design – Knowledge of the Structure of Woven Fabrics – Textile Design – Design Principles and Applications – Analytical Methods in Fashion Design – Pattern Techniques in Men’s Clothes.
  • Third year: Computer Aided Design – Printing techniques – Pattern Techniques in Women’s Clothing- Experimental Patterns – Concept Preparation and Presentation in Fashion Design – Fashion History – Textile Design.
  • Fourth year: Marketing in Fashion Design – Organization in the Textile Industry – Graduation Project – (A Set of Optional Subjects).


Career Fields:

Fashion and Textile Design graduates can work in many important places, including:

  • Fashion Design Companies.
  • Textile Factories.
  • Clothing Factories.
  • Private Work.

International and Turkish universities pay great attention to the specialization of fashion and textile design, and the universities that offer this program are increasing, due to the high demand for it by young people aspiring to reach the major international fashion houses and achieve global fame, a prestigious social position and with it comes the distinguished material income.

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