The Flight Training major is the first destination for young people who love to travel and move between different countries of the world, and it is a major that combines academic science and practical flying skills.

Students in this major have familiarity with general engineering sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and aerodynamics because they need these sciences while carrying out their duties in piloting various aircraft and helicopters.

التدريب على الطيران

Before joining this major, the student must pass a set of specific tests to ensure that he is able to perform the leadership roles in airplanes and to ensure his physical ability to withstand the pressures associated with the profession of pilot.

The theoretical study in this major is accompanied by many hours of practical training in piloting aircraft, starting from the second year until the end of the study, in order to obtain the necessary experience in airlines.


Duration of study:

The study takes four years at Turkish universities that pursue a professional approach at the highest levels in teaching the major of Flight Training, and it is one of the leading universities in the world in the field of flight training.


Importance of the Flight Training major:

The importance of Flight Training stems from the work performed by the pilot after his graduation and from the great importance of the aviation sector in traveling between countries, as aircraft are the first choice among the various means of transportation for travelers due to their security, speed, and containing all amenities and luxury. Human life is unimaginable without this gigantic, ever-evolving bird led by professional pilots equipped with everything they need to bring every long or short flight to safety.

Just as the field of work for pilots is not limited to piloting passenger aircraft, but includes all types of commercial airplanes, cargo transport, tourist aircraft and helicopters, and the pilot can find a job opportunity in all aviation sectors.

The need for pilots increases due to the lack of people able to engage in this major, which requires distinguished individuals, and its importance increases with the increase in airports and airlines and the expansion of the air transport sector. Therefore, pilots had a prominent and influential position in human societies.

This major is considered the first destination for the elite young people with distinctive abilities who surpass their peers, and therefore international universities in general and Turkish in particular pay great attention to this major and prepare students for all practical means for scientific success and practical mastery.


Flight Training Curriculum:

The Flight Training Program offers a set of theoretical scientific courses in addition to intensive practical training, so that the graduate can start his work smoothly and easily. The academic content and titles of subjects may differ in universities, and these are some basic theoretical subjects for the major of Flight Training:

  • Physics.
  • Mathematics.
  • Calculus and Integration.
  • Civil Aviation Rules.
  • Meteorology.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.
  • Aviation Mechanics.
  • Aviation Basics and Rules.
  • Flying Tools.

In addition to theoretical study and success in it, the student performs practical training in piloting aircraft so that he can obtain a PPL license that enables the pilot to fly private aircraft, and an ATPL license through which the pilot can fly transport aircraft.


Civil Aviation and Business World:

The expansion of the air transport sector in the countries of the world, the spread of private aircraft at a large level, and the reliance on tourist planes to attract tourists have created many job opportunities for pilots where pilots can work in many fields such as:

  • Aircraft piloting.
  • Working as an assistant pilot immediately after graduation in air transport aircraft.
  • Piloting passenger and commercial aircraft.
  • Piloting helicopters.

Aviation training is the first destination for the elite of young people with distinctive abilities and who excel over their peers. Therefore, international universities in general and Turkish universities in particular pay great attention to aviation training, and provide students with all the practical means for scientific success and practical mastery.

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