The term graphic in the Arabic language corresponds to graphics and photography as it is called the art of visual communication. This major appeared to keep pace with the great development experienced by mankind, which changed human life at the beginning of the twentieth century. The development of printing and journalism helped the emergence of graphic design and the modernization of its means.

التصميم الجرافيكي

Graphic Design is a tool for conveying information, ideas, messages or products to audiences in the fastest and most effective way.

The Graphic Design major is one of the technical disciplines that are based on sciences such as design principles, art education, and social sciences, which form the basic structure of the Graphic Design major.

The Graphic Design major aims to develop the creative side of students and refine their artistic talents. It also provides them with the academic sciences through which they can be among the expert designers in the mechanisms of influencing people, and introducing them to the tools and means through which they can understand the way the audience thinks so that they can deliver the influential message.


Duration of study:

The student studies in the major of graphic design for four years in various international universities, including Turkish universities, which have proven over the years their superiority among international universities, and have secured an important position for themselves in the world university rankings.


Importance of Graphic Design Major:

Not a day goes by without we see an advertisement asking a graphic designer to take his position in a commercial or industrial company or an educational or health institution, and this is what made Graphic Design one of the most important university majors.

Moreover, the great technological development that humanity is experiencing and the digital revolution played a prominent role in increasing the importance of this major.

These digital means have entered every home and adopted by all companies and institutions to deliver their messages and products through various social media.

The desire of companies and institutions to increase their communication with the public is increasing in order to increase their sales and sources of imports. Therefore, Graphic Design is considered the first means of communication with the public and customers.

In addition, the wide fields of work that graduates of this major can work in, from companies to service institutions, factories, tourism and financial companies, schools, hospitals, printing houses, book publishing houses, and ending with every small or large store, have made graphic design a desirable major.

Therefore, most universities in Turkey and the world seek to provide the Graphic Design Program, giving it all the care, attention and continuous development of the academic program to follow a steady plan alongside the changes of the times to cover the needs of the labor market and meet the desires of creative students who dream of a bright future, a high social position and a high income.


Graphic Design Curriculum:

It contains a group of scientific courses that develop the creative side of the student and enable him to understand the audience. The names of some subjects may differ between universities, and this is an example of some subjects of the Graphic Design major:

  • First year: Basic Art Education – Art History – Introduction to Social Sciences – Social Responsibility Project.
  • Second year: Computer Image Processing – Introduction to Graphic Design – Printing – Digital Photography – Graphic Design 1 – Digital Drawing.
  • Third year: Graphic Design 2 – Corporate Identity Design – Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship – Graphic Production Techniques and Digital Media – Cover Design – Fundamentals of Consumer Behavior – Current Issues in Sociology.
  • Fourth year: Design Ethics – Book Design – Portfolio Design – History of Civilization – Graduation Project.


Graphic Design and Business World:

Graphic Design is one of the most popular majors in the business world, so graduates can work in various institutions and places such as:

  • Advertising companies.
  • The educational sector (schools – kindergartens – universities).
  • Health sector (hospitals – beauty centers – dispensaries).
  • Book and print publishing houses.
  • Private work.

Not a day goes by that we do not see an advertisement asking a graphic designer to take his position in a commercial or industrial company or a regulatory, educational or health institution, and this is what made the graphic design major one of the most important modern university majors.

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