Industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems consisting of human, robot, machine, hardware, information and energy. It is an engineering discipline that uses specialized knowledge and skills in mathematical, physical and social sciences, as well as engineering analysis and design principles and methods to determine, predict and evaluate the results obtained from these systems.

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Industrial Engineering differs from other engineering disciplines in two essential ways. First, it focuses on the whole as opposed to pieces, thus promotes systems thinking. Secondly, it is explicitly concerned with the human factor in its applications. Therefore, the field of Industrial engineering is in close relation with natural sciences and social sciences, and is an attractive and popular field of study in many industries.

The difference between Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is that Mechanical Engineering focuses on engineering and designing machines and equipment, while Industrial Engineering is a science that includes all production lines in terms of managing them and increasing their production and efficiency.

Industrial Engineering students study for four years in Turkish universities that adopt the highest international standards of competence, so that the graduates become at the forefront of industrial engineers at the global level.


Importance of Industrial Engineering:

Industrial engineers play very important roles in establishing and managing production systems efficiently and effectively in industry, services and various other sectors, and they are also equipped with technical and managerial knowledge that enables them to design and develop products, manage projects, comprehensive production maintenance, follow up on quality systems, and manage human resources. The multiple tasks that industrial engineers can perform and the capabilities and skills they possess, have made them the secret of success in various projects.

Industrial Engineering has become one of the disciplines affecting the economies of countries and the global labor market, as most universities are constantly working to develop the Industrial Engineering major to meet the desires of creative students and to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.


Industrial Engineering Curriculum:

Students study a varied curriculum and comprehensive science courses that serve industrial engineers in their working lives. Some subjects differ from one university to another, and here are some of the most important basic subjects for the Industrial Engineering major:

  • First year: Introduction to Engineering Sciences – Computer Programming – General Physics – General Chemistry – Calculus – Social Responsibility Project.
  • Second year: Manufacturing Processes – Derivative Equations – Linear Algebra – Discrete Mathematics – Process Analysis and Design – Probability and Statistics – Industrial Engineering Training – Digital Systems – Engineering Mechanics – Correct and Dynamic Programming – Introduction to Software Engineering.
  • Third year: Production Systems Management – Design and Management of Supply Systems – Quality Planning and Control – Design and Management of Service Systems – Industrial Engineering Training – Professional Ethics- A Set of Optional Courses.
  • Fourth year: Occupational Health and Safety – Industrial Design Project – Digital Electronics – Special Topics in Industrial Engineering – Visual Programming – Digital Finance – Inventory Planning – Scheduling – Estimating.


 Industrial engineering Career Fields:

industrial engineering, with the academic skills, capabilities, and practical experience they possess, can work in several sectors:

  • Companies, Factories and Hospitals.
  • Preparing the economic feasibility of projects and supervising their implementation.
  • Transportation, Maritime and Air Transport.
  • Factory Automation.

The industrial engineering specialization combines engineering sciences and management sciences. The work of the industrial engineer revolves around a basic point, which is to operate with the highest efficiency, best quality, and lowest possible cost. Industrial engineering is considered one of the most prosperous disciplines in developed countries that tend to specialize in everything to reach the highest Degrees of workmanship.

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