Interior Architecture is one of the university majors that was developed as a result of the development of sciences and university majors, the great progress that humanity is experiencing at various levels, and the permanent human desire to reach the highest levels of luxury and beauty.

العمارة الداخلية

Interior Architecture aims to design interior spaces in all the environments in which a person lives to facilitate his movement and his life while exploiting all the available spaces in the place. Interior Architecture gives priority to issues of well-being, safety and health while designing interior spaces that meet functional needs so that a person feels a sense of belonging to the place around him.

The relationship between the Interior Architecture and the Interior Design lies in the fact that Interior Design is part of Interior Architecture, and an Interior Architecture architect can perform all the duties of an interior designer.

Students in this major study four years in Turkish universities that are capable of equipping students with all the concepts, sciences and skills necessary for a promising future.


Importance of Interior Architecture:

People spend most of their lives and time at home, work, school, university and other places, so the presence of people in a carefully designed place makes our lives easier, and our production is greater, and this is the core of the work of an interior architect.

In addition to that, the importance of the work of an interior architecture architect comes from his interaction with people and the direct impact on their lives through understanding human behavior and the reflection of his work directly on people.

If we take a closer look, we will find that a touch of Interior Architecture is required in different locations of societies and cities such as buildings, companies, factories, airports and other service buildings, which gave the major of Interior Architecture major great importance in human societies and the business world, in addition to the prestigious social standing and high income of the graduates of the Interior Architecture Department.

Therefore, international and Turkish universities are interested in this major, attract creative young people to this department and strive to continuously develop and keep pace with the future.


Interior Architecture Curriculum:

Students in Turkish universities study a varied curriculum that contains scientific courses and prepares students to be at the level of graduates of international universities.

The curriculum and title of subjects may differ from one university to another, and these are some of the basic subjects in the Interior Architecture major:

  • First year: Introduction to Interior Architecture – Introduction to Design and Architecture – Invoice Calculation – Basic Design – Design Presentation – Visual Media in Design – Interior Design Studies.
  • Second year: Structure and Building Materials – History of Interior Architecture – Interior Architecture Studio – Training and Building Techniques and Design – Surveying, Drawing and Representing Interior Spaces – Objects and Spaces – Digital Media in Interior Architecture.
  • Third year: Vocational Training – Environmental Techniques – Interior Surfaces – Furniture and Standard Systems – Cultural Heritage – Building Concepts – Finishing and Equipment – Design Theory.
  • Fourth year: Interior Architecture Theories – Office Training – Professional Practice – Detail Workshop – Project Management – Professional Operations – Summer Training – Graduation Project.


 Interior Architecture and Business World:

In line with the continuous development in the world of construction, and the increasing demand in the labor market for interior architecture, the interior architecture graduate has great job opportunities where he can fill many jobs such as:

  • Contracting Companies.
  • Engineering Consultancy.
  • Engineering Offices.
  • Furniture Stores.
  • TV Studios.

In line with the continuous development in the world of construction, and the increasing demand in the labor market for the specialization of interior architecture, the interior architect has distinguished job opportunities and great jobs that bring him the future of his dreams.

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