International Trade is one of the majors that has emerged as a result of the great development in the commercial sector and the exchange of goods and services, as trade is no longer confined to a limited geographical area, but the general conditions have helped the spread of security and stability and the availability of many means of transportation to transcend business to the borders of countries. The value of trade exchanges between countries has multiplied hundreds of times since the 1950s until now, and the major of International Trade has helped organize, expand and facilitate this trade.

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The International Trade major includes a group of diverse sciences, which is a mixture of trade, management and economics sciences, with a focus on international trade related to the basics, laws, regulation and principles of import and export.

The International Trade major aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and basic skills in marketing, accounting, finance and service management which are the basic practical areas in international trade, as well as import and export legislation and laws in the scope of international trade.


Duration of study:

students study four years in Turkish universities, which are considered among the best universities in this field, in addition to the experience that students gain during their studies through training in the many international commercial companies in Turkey.


Importance of the International Trade major:

The organization of trade relations and the exchange of goods and services between countries of the world and the commercial companies that depend on the international market need experts trained and equipped with the necessary commercial knowledge, who are familiar with the rules of the international market and the goods and services required in each country, and these experts are graduates of International Trade major.

Due to rapid progress, the work of international trade experts is expanding to include an understanding of the basics of foreign exchange management, logistics, transportation, commercial law, customs clearance, insurance, and risk management, and we will find graduates of International Trade major in the backbone of international commercial institutions and companies, as well as in airlines, banks and insurance companies and other important joints in the various commercial, economic and financial sectors.

For those who want to establish their own trade, the International Trade major gives the student knowledge of the secrets of trade and provides him with the basics of success, as it is one of the comprehensive majors that are in high demand in various international universities.

International Trade graduates enjoy a privileged position in human societies, and therefore they hold a prominent position in various human societies.

Based on the importance of the international Trade major, universities in various countries of the world have paid great attention to this major, as they are rushing to offer a program of International Trade among their leading specialties, in order to meet the requirements of the growing labor market and the desires of students aspiring to a promising future, prestigious jobs and distinguished high income.


International Trade Curriculum:

The study program is a mixture of basic management sciences and its branches. The names of some subjects may differ between universities and this is an example of some of the basic subjects that are taught in this specialization:

  • First year: Introduction to Business – Introduction to Economics – Mathematics for Social Sciences – Basic Concepts in Law.
  • Second year: Fundamentals of International Trade – Financial Accounting – Management and Organization – Statistics of Social Sciences – Macroeconomics – Customs Regulations – International Trade Management – Cost Accounting and Management.
  • Third year: Foreign Trade Policy – Marketing Management – Financial Management – Research Methods – International Trade Law and European Union Law – Import and Export Management – General Applications in International Trade.
  • Fourth year: Supply Chain and Logistics Management – Strategic Management – Entrepreneurship – International Marketing – Global Economy Policies.


Career Fields:

The major of International Trade is witnessing an increasing popularity in the local and global labor market and these are some of the jobs that a graduate of the International Trade major is required to fill:

  • International Trade Organizations.
  • Import and Export Companies.
  • Shipping Companies.
  • Customs Clearance Companies.
  • Financial Speculation .

The international trade major is witnessing an increasing popularity in the local and global labor market, and a graduate in international trade is able to work in many diverse sectors and institutions, and these are some of the jobs that require a graduate of international trade to fill.

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