Law is considered one of the social sciences, and the study of law is one of the oldest human sciences which relies on analysis and deduction from positive laws in all human and social circumstances.

People have worked since the emergence of the first human civilizations to establish courts and legal departments that lay down the provisions and laws that guarantee the rights of every member of this civilization to achieve justice, and from that time on, lawmen have emerged with different names in each era.

In general, the science of law is divided into two main parts, namely Common Law and Private Law, and under them fall sub-disciplines such as Constitutional Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Criminal Law and many other disciplines.

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The law specialization aims to train jurists to acquire the skills of creative thinking, deduction and to provide them with the tools of legal knowledge necessary to take their usual places in various aspects related to the law, such as courts, the judiciary, constitutional and legislative committees, and human rights organizations.

The question asked by most students is: Does the study of law depend on understanding or memorization?

To answer this question, we follow the answers of graduates in this major, most of whom agree on the superiority of the importance of understanding and deduction over memorization, even if memorization is required in various university majors.


Duration of Study:

All international universities adopt four academic years for the major of law, so that the student gets a bachelor’s degree, and this is also applied in Turkish Universities.


The importance of studying Law:

The great importance of this major stems from the ultimate goal that jurists seek, which is to achieve justice and equality among human beings and to prevent injustice and reduce its spread in the life of human societies.

The activity of lawyers in the courts and their participation in resolving disputes between people, defending individuals in the face of injustice, and finding legal solutions to problems that hinder the life of some people during their dealings with institutions, companies and authorities have made law specialization one of the most important university majors.

Lawyers have reserved for themselves a prominent place in all companies and institutions in order to be the legal representative of companies and the first observer of all legal obstacles.

If we traced all the areas of life that the jurists contribute, we would find that all the constitutions that regulate the life of states and peoples that regulate the relationship of the authorities to peoples and the relations of states with each other, as well as the laws governing the work of continental and international organizations and unions, we will find that they are the efforts and ideas of experienced jurists.

Lawyers are distinguished in various human societies with a prominent social position, and a high income that many seek.


Law Curriculum:

This major deals with a group of scientific courses that provide the lawyer with the necessary skills that form the necessary foundations in public life, and here we mention an example of a study program for the law major from Istanbul Bilgi University:

  • First year: First Roman Law (1-2) – Constitutional Law (1-2) – Civil Law (1-2) – Legal Thought and skills – Research Methods and Access to Legal Resources.
  • Second year: Law of Obligations- General Provisions – Administrative Law (1-2) – General Provisions in Criminal Law – International Law (1-2) Philosophy of Law – Introduction to European Union Law – Sociology of Law.
  • Third year: Administrative Judiciary Law – Law of Obligations … Special Provisions – Property Law (1-2) – Property Law (1-2) – Civil Procedure Law (1-2) – State Theory – Criminal Law … Special Provisions – Labor Law – Information and Technology Law.
  • Fourth year: Maritime Trade Law – International Business Law – Criminal Procedure Law – Intellectual and Industrial Property Law – Private International Law – Insurance Law – Inheritance Law – Human Rights Law.

Career Fields:

The work of a law graduate is not limited to working in the legal profession only, but the great civilizational development has made law graduates work in the best jobs in various sectors, and these are some:

  • Public advocacy offices
  • Legal advice to companies
  • The Judiciary Service
  • The private law firms

The Faculty of Law aims to train jurists on creative thinking skills, deduction and conclusion, and provide them with the necessary legal knowledge tools to take their usual places in various aspects related to law, such as different courts, the judiciary, constitutional and legislative committees, and human rights organizations.

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