International Logistics and Transportation aims to connect the world of technical business with academic study, and the term logistics expresses the group of works performed during the supply of things and goods from one place to another, such as transportation, loading, unloading, storage, distribution and supply lines.

اللوجستيات والنقل

On the other hand, logistics is the planning, implementation and control processes that are made to ensure the flow and storage of all kinds of products and services from the starting point to the last point of consumption in order to meet the needs of customers.

The term “Transportation” refers to the various means of transport by land, sea and air, and it is the basics of transporting goods across countries of the world.

If we looked for the basic elements that make up the logistics and Transportation major, we would find that sciences such as mathematics, commerce, economics and law are the sciences that form the basic structure of the International Logistics and Transportation major.

The International Logistics and Transportation major aims to train students to be experts in organizing all work related to the logistics and transportation of goods and products and their supply from producer to consumer with the best quality and lowest cost.

The major of International Logistics and Transportation has witnessed a great development since its inception, as the logistics companies in the past worked in the field of transportation, then evolved over time to include work in additional sectors such as warehousing, customs clearance and insurance.


Duration of study:

Students in International Logistics and Transportation study for four years in Turkish universities, which are among the best international universities, as they adopt practical training as a major focus in addition to academic studies.


Importance of International Logistics and Transportation:

The importance of this field is due to the fact that it is one of the vital specialties in the business world, which benefits humanity in the different aspects of life, as it is the means for the delivery of food, clothing and services.

The importance has increased with the increase in competition between companies and the desire of these companies to deliver their products and services to consumers in the fastest time, best quality, and lowest possible price.

Due to globalization and the increase in domestic and international trade, effective management of logistical activities has emerged as one of the most essential elements of sustainable growth and competitiveness.

In addition, the field of work of the International Logistics and Transportation major and its coverage of many industrial, commercial and service sectors made it one of the unique and influential majors in today’s world.

This major is witnessing a large turnout of young people who want to obtain the title of Logistics Expert and who dream of a promising future, a prominent social position and a high income. Therefore, international universities, including Turkish universities, pay great attention to this field, and have worked to develop its study programs to keep pace with the spirit of the times and keep pace with the requirements of the future labor market.


International Logistics and Transportation Curriculum:

It deals with a group of scientific courses that provide students with the basic outputs of managing logistical activities. Some subjects may differ between universities, and this is a model of the academic curriculum:

  • First year: Basic Principles of Microeconomics – Introduction to Social Sciences – Basic Principles of Law – Mathematics for Business – English for Administrative Purposes – Basic Principles of Macroeconomics – Introduction to Business Administration.
  • Second year: Production and Operations Management – Management and Organization – Social Science Statistics – Financial Accounting – Business Communication and Negotiation Techniques – Supply Chain.
  • Third year: Information Systems in Business – Research Methods for Business and Economics – Financial Management – Supply Chain Risk Management – Transportation Management – Operations Research.
  • Fourth year: Project Management – Management of Storage and Distribution Centers – Logistics Services – Computer Skills – Cooperation in International Logistics Services Management.


International Logistics and Transportation and Business World:

International Logistics and Transportation is one of the popular majors in the labor market in various sectors, and the logistics expert is the basis of many operations. Graduates of this field can occupy many prestigious positions such as:

  • Logistic Services Companies.
  • Import and Export Companies.
  • Transport, Storage and Distribution Operations.
  • International Transport and Shipping Companies.

The Logistics and Transportation major is witnessing a wide demand from young people who wish to obtain the title of a logistics expert and who dream of a promising future, a prestigious social position, and an outstanding financial income. Therefore, international universities, including Turkish universities, pay great attention to the specialization of logistics and transport, and have worked to develop their study programs to keep pace with the spirit of the changing era and keep pace with the requirements of the future labor market.

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