International Finance is one of the new disciplines in the business world imposed by changing necessities. Finance is one of the basic pillars of countries and international economies and is an effective contributor to growth and sustainable development. It is a major that was developed to overcome the international financial crises that afflict the countries of the world.

The International Finance major focuses on multiple sciences including mathematics, management sciences, commerce, economics, finance and law. Graduates of the International Finance major have a broad knowledge of computer technology and modern digital technology.

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The International Finance major aims to train people to read detailed information on investments, to monitor capital, marketing, trade and finance in the best possible way.

The International Finance major is witnessing a growing development in its academic program and teaching methods, and its field of work is expanding to include analyzing the performance and impacts of international financial markets, which are closely related to international balance of power.


Duration of Study:

Students study for a period of four years in international and Turkish universities, which are considered among the best universities at the international level, for their use of the latest international teaching methods and their great focus on the practical side as well as the academic in education.


Importance of the International Finance major:

The International Finance is one of the most important majors in the field of finance and business for its prominent role in dealing with international financial crises and developing plans to avoid them. Also, graduates of this major actively contribute to shaping the economic policies of countries, and we find their great influence in various commercial, economic and financial institutions and the international monetary markets.

With the rapid progress in the working mechanisms of financial markets worldwide and the shift of directions towards greater specialization in the branches of these markets, graduates of the International Finance have become one of the main pillars of the global financial markets, who are considered the cornerstone of the stability of global markets.

The increased desire of commercial and financial companies to increase their profits, achieve the largest growth rate in capital, and increase sources of income and financing, have created more job opportunities for international finance graduates in various sectors of commercial and financial work because they are at the forefront of the employees who manage these companies.

The great position of graduates of the International Finance major in governments, international monetary institutions and various commercial companies has made this major a favorite destination for students who dream of a bright future with a prominent job, high social standing and high income.


International Finance Curriculum:

The International Finance major includes a group of scientific courses that provide students with management, economics and finance skills. The titles of some subjects may differ in different universities, and this is a model for the International Finance core subjects’ program:

  • First year: Introduction to Business Administration and International Finance – Fundamentals of Microeconomics – Basic Mathematics – Introduction to Computer and Data Processing – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting – Fundamentals of Macroeconomics – Advanced Mathematics.
  • Second year: Introduction to Econometrics – Open Market and Macroeconomics – Business Finance – Introduction to Law Fundamentals of Finance – Industrial Economy.
  • Third year: International Finance Management – Investment Analysis – Financial Markets and Institutions – Basic Financial Econometrics – Money and Banks – International Trade and Finance Theory – Technical and Basic Analysis in the Stock Exchange.
  • Fourth year: Financial Services Marketing – Financial Risk Analysis – Capital Markets in Turkey – Timing and Forecasting in Financial Markets – Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

There is no doubt that the great importance of the International Finance major made it acquire a large share of job opportunities in the financial and commercial sectors, where graduates, thanks to the academic knowledge they possess, were able to obtain the highest positions in financial institutions and occupy many important places, including:

  • Management of financial markets and the stock exchange.
  • The banking sector and banks.
  • Commercial companies.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Accounting offices.