The digital revolution has contributed to the transfer of human civilizations in the modern century towards modernity in all aspects of economic, social, scientific and entertainment life in addition to aspects of communication, technology and media in which the people of the twenty-first century have greatly surpassed the traditional media and turned to digital means based mainly on the Internet.

The emergence of the New Media Program is a natural thing in light of this technological development that has affected contemporary human life styles that depend on speed in everything, especially in the field of communication and news.

تخصص الإعلام الحديث

The New Media Program can be described as combining journalism with contemporary technology, so it integrates journalism and social sciences with digital science, technology and modern communication sciences in its academic program to form from this combination a unique major in which it provides competent students with all the means necessary to keep up with life in the modern era and on comprehensive knowledge of all contemporary communication techniques.

The New Media major is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the modern university majors that have kept pace with digital technology and have not lagged behind it, but rather adopted it as a basis for its advancement and continuity. Therefore, this major is in a state of permanent development of its academic program to remain in the leadership of modern university majors.


Duration of study:

The New Media major was established to give its students a bachelor’s degree by studying for four years. This applies to international universities, including Turkish universities, which have become one of the cornerstones in the ranking of the best universities in the world since the beginning of the new century.


The importance of the New Media Department:

it is considered the representative of modern media which matches the aspirations of humanity that depends on digital technology and smart devices in various aspects of life because the Internet and communication media are the field of work of this major, and this is what guarantees its continuity and permanent development.

The traditional media, such as television channels, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, realized the tremendous change that is taking place towards digital technology, so it quickly changed its working mechanisms to match the general vision of societies in various countries of the world, so it began to direct its attention towards modern media to reserve a place for it among the modern means that attract people.

The intense competition in modern media has created more job opportunities for the New Media Department graduates in our time.

Universities in all countries of the world are racing to provide this major because it attracts the priorities of creative youth aspiring to a bright future and a prestigious job opportunity and to cover the needs of the modern labor market and keep pace with the spirit of the times.


New Media Curriculum:

Students take a mixture of basic science courses in journalism and digital technologies. The curriculum and titles of some subjects may differ according to universities, and this is an example of a study program for the New Media major:

  • First year: Introduction to New Media – Communication Skills and Academic Reporting – Photography – Media and Communication Theories – Sociology – Fundamentals of Psychology – Art, Culture and Society.
  • Second year: Journalism – Digital Journalism – Technical Skills for New Media – Media Technologies – Media History – New Media and Broadcast Journalism – Computer Skills for New Media – Digital Media Ethics.
  • .Third Year: Interactive Journalism – Summer Project (a set of optional courses)
  • Fourth Year: New Media Project – Media and Diversity – Graduation Project (a set of optional courses).


Career Fields:

Graduates can fill many prestigious jobs such as:

  • TV channels.
  • Journalism and electronic journalism.
  • Advertising companies.
  • Media production companies.
  • Websites.

The modern media specialization was established to grant its students a bachelor’s degree by studying in it for a period of four years, and this applies to international universities, including Turkish universities, which have become one of the fixed cornerstones in the international rankings of the best universities in the world since the beginning of the new century.

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