Overview :

It is one of the supporting medical majors that work in serving people and relieving their pain. Nursing aims to provide health care services to people to maintain their health in addition to monitoring the health status of patients in order to reduce side effects and complications of various surgeries and diseases.

Many people used to think that the major of Nursing was just to give injections and serums to patients, but this misconception fades away when we know that Nursing has witnessed a great development as it has more than one branch such as Mental Health, Intensive Care, Internal Diseases, Maternal and Child Health and other majors that are frequently required in the labor market.


Turkish universities are distinguished in this field by adopting the latest advanced scientific methods in teaching, in addition to a great focus on practicality, experimentation and continuous training. The study in this major is four years, during which the student will graduate with the highest scientific levels and the most practical experiences in the medical field.


Importance of Nursing:

It is considered one of the most important medical majors that provide health care to patients, as nurses watch over the comfort of patients and carefully follow their cases until they deservedly attain the title of Angels of Mercy.

In hospitals, nurses play an essential role, and it is their responsibility to guide patients to the correct ways of healing, as they are the permanent communication channel between the patient and the doctor.

Nurses occupy a prominent position in human societies because society cannot do without this human profession, on the contrary, society’s need for nurses increases every day in addition to the increasing demand for this major due to the awareness of young people of the importance of this profession and the high position in human societies and to secure for themselves a prosperous future and a well-off life.


Nursing Curriculum:

Students study a range of health sciences concerned with the human body, organs and their functions. The curriculum varies from one university to another, and here are the basic sciences that are given in this major.

  • First year: Introduction to Nursing – Anatomy – Biology – Psychology and Communication Skills – Basic Concepts of Nursing and Health – Nurse and Patient Rights.
  • Second Year: Metabolism – Physiology – Genetics – Microbiology and Microbes – Common Health Problems – Diagnosis and Classification of Diseases – Treatment Methods
  • Third year: Basic Health Care Skills – Nursing Ethics – Reproductive Health – Statistics – Patient Problems – Genetic Studies – Child Health Nursing.
  • Fourth Year: Health Prevention – Intensive Clinical Training – Nursing Management and Leadership – Community Health Nursing – Mental Health Nursing – Therapeutic Communication Concepts – Health Education and Promotion.


Nursing and Labor Market:

The profession of Nursing is one of the most popular professions and majors in the modern era, as nurses occupy many positions in:

  • Hospitals.
  • Health Centers.
  • Private Clinics.
  • Fitness and Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Nursing Homes.

The Turkish universities that offer Nursing are distinguished by the fact that they adopt the latest advanced scientific methods of teaching in addition to a great focus on the practical side, experimentation and continuous training, and the study in the nursing specialization extends for four years, during which the student graduates with the highest scientific levels and the most practical experience in the medical field.

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