It is a major that aims to teach students how to formulate drugs and medicines, manage pharmacies, and provide advice to patients. The pharmacy major in Turkish universities is witnessing a great development and a high turnout of young people who wish to have an effective role in serving humanity and a prominent position in human societies.


The relentless attempts to formulate medicines and extract them from plants and animal products extend for thousands of years and have taken constant development until they reached the highest levels of progress and modernity in the modern era. Turkish universities are distinguished by providing the specialty of pharmacy with the latest methods and using the most advanced and technology-based laboratories.

Pharmacy major in modern universities tends to focus on specific sciences through which the student can put his hand on the correct treatment for every disease and the appropriate material for every organ in the human body. The most important of these sciences are chemistry, human biology, physiology, pharmacology, and many others.


The importance of pharmacy:

A doctor will not be able to complete his work in treating people’s diseases and relieving their pain without cooperating with a witty pharmacist who is an expert in treatments and drugs, their formulations and components. Therefore, this major is of great importance in human societies.

Pharmacists can formulate medicines and treatments for various diseases, discover new innovative medicines and provide medical advice for patients.

In his working life, the pharmacist achieves a prominent position and lives a carefree, comfortable, and high-income life because it is one of the professions that are always required and necessary to please humanity and relieve pain.

The study in the field continues for a period of five years, during which the student studies a variety of academic content, from which the student will graduate an expert in pharmacy knowing the secrets of this science and able to practice his profession brilliantly.


Pharmacy Curriculum:

The academic content of the pharmacy major varies from one university to another, so the academic content must be reviewed at each university, and this is an overview of the basic sciences that are taught in each academic year in different universities.

  • First year: Introduction to pharmacology – organic chemistry – analytical chemistry – plants – statistics – medical terms – medical physics – anatomy – histology.
  • Second year: medical microbiology, organic chemistry, pharmacology.
  • Third year: pharmacology – biochemistry – pharmaceutical techniques – pathology – pharmacology – medical ethics.
  • Fourth year: life care pharmacy – pharmacology – clinical pharmacy – organic chemistry – general toxicology – pharmacology.
  • Fifth year: Applied treatments – Industrial pharmacy – Clinical laboratory training – Clinical toxicology – Advanced pharmaceutical analysis – Drug dosage design – Hospital training – Drug economics.


Pharmacy and Business World:( Career Fields)

Pharmacy is one of the most widespread specialties and the need for it increases with the increasing need for medicine and dentistry, as pharmacists can occupy many jobs in many places, including:

  • Hospitals.
  • Health centers.
  • Pharmaceutical factories.
  • Retail pharmacies.

It is the pharmacy specialization that aims to teach students how to formulate drugs and medicines, manage pharmacies, and advise patients. The pharmacy specialty in Turkish universities is witnessing great development, and a high turnout of young people who wish to have an active role in serving humanity, and a prominent position in human societies.

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