Every day in our daily life we ​​hear the word (philosophy) and many people use it without knowing what it means. This calls for starting to clarify what is meant by the word philosophy, which has already been defined by multiple definitions in various philosophical sources and references through the ages, but the most comprehensive definition is that it is every question raised by the mind on the major issues that affect the essence of human life, the nature of his existence, and other global issues.


that affect the essence of human life, the nature of his existence, and other global issues.

Philosophy is one of the ancient human sciences. Most researchers agree that the first appearance of this science was in Greece and this explains why this science is called philosophy, which is a Greek word meaning the love of wisdom.

Since the emergence of philosophy, it took a permanent development as it was a flexible science until it reached the nineteenth century and entered the field of university majors and academic studies. Philosophy aims to develop students’ abilities in critical thinking and questioning in a systematic and deep manner, providing them with tools to understand texts, give appropriate judgments to them, and express their ideas clearly.


Duration of study:

Students in this department study for four years in various international and Turkish universities, which are among the most important universities in the world.


Importance of Philosophy:

The thinking of ancient philosophers was always the advancement of mankind, solving its problems, and answering the major questions that haunted it. Therefore, philosophy has proven to be one of the leading majors at the level of other university majors.

The importance of philosophy on the individual and society is reflected at the same time in terms of developing individual skills and abilities, providing the human being with the necessary capabilities to confront and solve problems, developing the cultural and cognitive aspect of the individual, broadening the horizons of awareness and introducing man to the principles of justice and comprehensive human rights.

From a social point of view, philosophy contributes to the social upbringing of individuals and has a prominent role in researching social problems and finding appropriate solutions and working on developing society and directing it towards the better because the philosophical foundations are the basis for various social changes.

If we go back in history a little bit, we will find a large group of Muslim philosophers who have defended their ideas about the Islamic religion, and rejected all the suspicions that some tried to raise about it. We will also find these studies that increase the capabilities of dialogue and the skills of persuasion and evidence of students in Islamic philosophy, which is considered one of the distinguished studies in philosophy.


Philosophy Curriculum:

This major includes a set of scientific courses related to philosophy and other social and human sciences so that the student is thoroughly acquainted with philosophy and what is related to it, and this is a model of a curriculum from (Uskudar University):

  • First year: Introduction to Philosophy – Critical Thinking – History and Texts of Ancient Philosophy – Basic Concepts and Problems in Sociology – Concepts and Approaches of Psychology – Positive Psychology and Communication Skills – Academic Writing Skills.
  • Second year: Classical Logic – Modern Logic – History and Texts of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy – Existential Philosophy – Moral Philosophy – (a set of optional courses).
  • Third year: History of Philosophy and Texts in the 17-18 Centuries – History of Philosophy and Texts in the 19th Century – Islamic Philosophy – Philosophy of Art – Entrepreneurship and Project Culture – (A set of optional subjects).
  • Fourth Year: Contemporary Philosophical Movements – Political Philosophy – (a set of optional subjects) – Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

Because philosophy includes all human and social aspects, it strongly enters many sectors and contributes to enriching career work in the labor market. Philosophy graduates perform various jobs in various institutions such as:

  • Research and Studies Centers.
  • Educational Sector.
  • Care and Social Services Institutions.

The Philosophy major aims to develop students’ abilities to think critically and question in a systematic and profound manner, and to provide them with the tools to understand, analyze and make appropriate judgments about texts, and to express their ideas clearly.

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