The emergence of this major is a natural thing in light of the political map of the countries of the world and the existence of continental and international organizations and bodies.

The Political Science and International Relations major is a discipline with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, as it includes in its basic structure a range of sciences such as economics, law, political science, sociology, political history, and even psychology.

العلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية

In this major, students study the relationships between agencies and states influencing the international community and other entities and states. The structure of global, continental and regional organizations, international standards and the policies of international organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and continental organizations and bodies such as the European Union, the African Union and regional organizations such as the Arab League are also studied.

Political Science and International Relations aims to train experts who are able to understand international strategies and have a deep knowledge of the new globalization system, equipped with the tools to dive into the depths of democratic processes, election systems, political parties, state structures, various governance systems, and national and international security strategies.


Duration of study:

The program of this major includes scientific subjects that are given within four years in international universities and Turkish universities, which are among the best universities in the world because of the great advancement that Turkey is experiencing at all scientific, political and economic levels.


The importance of the Political Science and International Relations Major:

Its importance is evident in that it graduates the ruling political elites that rule different countries and states and provides these ruling elites with the basics of proper political communication with parties, states, organizations and international bodies to spare the people the tragedies of conflicts and the scourge of wars as much as possible.

It prepares the graduates to lead the diplomatic corps and the ways of communicating with ambassadors with the governments of the host countries and the leadership of political work organizations, political parties and civil society to lead the collective conscience of peoples to the right direction and sound thinking.

We will not find a peace agreement or cooperation between two countries unless we find the upper hand for graduates of this major in organizing, drafting and refuting its provisions, thus enhancing joint cooperation between countries.

The emergence of international cooperation organizations at the regional, continental and global levels has increased the importance of the major of political science and international relations because it is the first mastermind of these organizations and the work of graduates of this major in these organizations is similar to the work of the captain of a ship who steadily leads it to a safe land.

International and Turkish universities have realized the great importance of this major, so they turned their attention to this major because it attracts students with great ambition to be among the elite of the international diplomatic corps and international organizations, and thus graduates of this major achieve a prominent position and a high income.


Political Science and International Relations Curriculum:

The study program includes a set of scientific courses that provide the graduate with all the vocabulary of political work. The titles of some subjects may differ between universities, and this is an example of the basic subjects taught in this major:

  • First year: Introduction to political Science – Introduction to Economics – Communication Skills and Academic Reports – Mathematics – Introduction to International Relations.
  • Second year: International Law – Fundamentals of Law – Introduction to Politics and Society – Statistics in the Social Sciences – Introduction to Comparative Politics.
  • Third year: Political Thought – Diplomatic History – Research Methods – Theories of International Relations – International Organizations.
  • Fourth year: Political Ideologies – International Political Economy – Turkish Foreign Policy – European Union Relations.


Career Fields:

Graduates of this major occupy the most prestigious jobs in human societies such as:

  • The diplomatic corps and embassies.
  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs.
  • Leading political parties.
  • National and international research centers.
  • TV channels and newspapers.

International universities and Turkish universities have realized the great importance of the specialization of Political Science and International Relations, so we see that they have drawn their attention to this specialization, which is an attractive point for students with great ambition to be among the elite of the international diplomatic corps and global organizations.

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