Humans have tried since ancient times to know the secrets of the human soul because it is considered a deep place for secrets. Psychology is concerned with the interpretation of human behavior and the study of mental processes that precede and follow behaviors through experimentation, scientific research and theories of psychology.

In addition to various psychology researches such as Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology, Psychology includes a group of other sciences such as Sociology, Logic, and Philosophy.

علم النفس

Psychology has witnessed great development in disciplines and branches, including Growth Psychology, Differential Psychology, Social Psychology, and applied branches, including Clinical Psychology, Criminal Psychology and Psychometrics.

Psychology is suitable for students who are curious about the human psyche and who are also passionate about reading and exploring.


Duration of study:

Students of the Faculty of Psychology study for four years in Turkish universities, which are considered among the best international universities because they adopt the latest modern teaching methods.


Importance of Psychology:

Psychology seeks to explain the internal and external influences of many human behaviors that occur every day such as laughing, crying, sadness, joy, love, hate, anger, calmness, enthusiasm, and excitement.

The main goal of Psychology is to address the various psychological problems that afflict individuals and affect their lives. Therefore, Psychology is considered one of the most important university majors because it seeks to relieve pain and the problems of humanity.

The emergence of Forensic Psychology also contributed to the increasing importance of psychology because it applies the theories and principles of psychology in the field of crimes, testimony, and dealing with criminals.

What has increased the importance of Psychology at the level of different university majors is that its graduates are active in many sectors, the most important of which are education and health.


Psychology Curriculum:

The curriculum deals with a range of scientific courses related to psychology and other social sciences. This is an example of the curriculum and subjects taught in the Faculty of Psychology:

  • First Year: Introduction to Psychology – Critical Thinking in Psychology and Social Sciences – Information Technology Skills- General Psychology – Computer and Mathematics for Social Sciences – Introduction to Sociology- (Optional Subjects).
  • Second year: Developmental Psychology – Research Methods – Social Psychology – Statistical Methods and Applications – (Optional Subjects).
  • Third year: Experimental Psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Personality Theories – Clinical Psychology – Psychological Measurement – Physiological Psychology – (Optional Subjects).
  • Fourth year: Psychopathology – Industrial and Organizational Psychology – Psychological Assessment- (Optional subjects).


Career Fields:

Psychology graduates occupy many important jobs in several social and service sectors, such as:

  • Research and Studies Centers.
  • Schools and Educational Sector.
  • Hospitals and Health Sector.

The psychology major is suitable for students who are curious about knowledge, learning, and the mysteries of human psychology, who are passionate about reading, and who are curious and exploratory.

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