It is natural to see this academic major in light of the invention of these modern means that have changed the life of mankind, as the work in it has shifted to the professional field based on academic studies in addition to practical experience that is no longer sufficient alone with the great technological development witnessed by the communication sector based on three pillars: Radio, Television and Cinema.

الراديو والسينما والتلفزيون

After the invention of the radio, mankind witnessed a quantum leap in the means of communication, and news moved quickly between different countries, but the matter did not stop here, as humankind pursued a greater quantum leap by transforming the method of communication from its dependence on sound to sound and image, with greater techniques and wider technological means.

The three means of communication are based on multiple pillars that go into the core of their work, such as directing, script writing, texts, photography, lighting, and sound techniques. This major aims to train creative students to master the work to establish these pillars with high accuracy and advanced professionalism and to provide them with the necessary means and tools for modern technological knowledge. This major is based on important sciences, namely social sciences, communication sciences and digital sciences, and with them students acquire success factors in this field.


Duration of study:

Students at international universities spend four years studying Radio, Television and Cinema, as well as in Turkish universities that have a prestigious reputation among the most powerful universities in the world.


The importance of Radio, Television and Cinema:

The importance of university major stems from the importance of the work performed and the extent of its impact on human life. We can say that the means of communication and modern media have become the first guides for the masses and the main influence on the collective conscience of peoples, as television occupies the most prominent corner in every home.

Graduates of this major undertake many assignments within this sector and play basic roles such as directing, scriptwriting, lighting design, sound engineering, studio management, technical follow-up, and montage work.

Today we see the great expansion of television and radio channels, which depend on graduates of this major who are equipped with all the means of knowledge necessary to manage these channels.

In cinema, the importance of this major increases with the increasing number of film production companies that aspire to employ academic experts and make use of their expertise to produce films with the greatest professionalism at work.

International and Turkish universities pay great attention to this major and provide students with the studios necessary to combine theoretical academic knowledge with experimental practical experience.

This major is witnessing a great turnout of young people aspiring to experience the media, work with celebrities and who wish to have a bright future and high income.

Radio, Television and Cinema Curriculum:

Students study a varied content that includes a group of scientific courses that combine technological and digital sciences, communications and social sciences. The academic content and titles of some subjects may differ between universities, and this is a model for a study program for this major:

  • First year: Introduction to Radio, Film and Television – Photography – Communication Skills and Academic Reports – Sociology – Media and Communication Theory – Fundamentals of Psychology – Art, Culture and Society.
  • Second year: Film History – Camera and Light – The Art of Storytelling – Digital Editing – Documentary Film Preparation – Film Theories – Video Production – Screenwriting – International Cinema.
  • Third year: Directing – Media Studies – Production Workshop – Dramatic Film Editing – Film Production Workshop.
  • Fourth Year: Film and Media Culture – Camera Management – Production and Finance – Film Analysis – Graduation Project.

Career Fields:

With the huge increase in radio stations, television channels and film production companies, this major has become among the most popular majors on the global level, and graduates are able to occupy many jobs such as:

  • TV Channels.
  • Radio Stations.
  • TV and Film Production Companies.
  • Media companies.

With the large increase in radio stations, television channels and film production companies, Radio & Cinema & Television has become one of the most sought-after fields in the world, and graduates can fill many jobs.

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