Visual Communication Design is an emerging discipline as a result of major developments in human societies and their lifestyles based on digital intelligence and advanced technology. Visual Communication Design can be defined as the field that combines design and technology to achieve human communication. It is also the tool that is used to transfer creative ideas from the producer to the target audience in a visual language. It includes a range of sciences such as design techniques, software, and technical sciences.

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Visual Communication Design graduates receive the title of Visual Communication Designer after graduation, and are able to produce 3D animation, game design, interactive design and video production, to achieve the goal in delivering the desired messages to a specific audience in order to have a positive influence on it. Visual Communication Design is related to visual design and product, and aims to develop students’ abilities of observation and comprehension.


Duration of study:

Visual Communication Design students’ study four years in various Turkish universities that have proven to be highly respected for their excellence and rapid progress in the world university rankings.


Importance of Visual Communication Design:

Visual Communication Design is of great importance because it is one of the few disciplines that aims to influence human groups and direct the collective conscience of humans towards positivity and creative ideas. What added to the importance of this major is that our lifestyle is based on visuals, because we live in a visual world and all the devices we use depend on visuals.

The fields of work of visual communication designers expand to include the following sectors: Media Agencies, Newspapers, Book Publishing Houses, and Advertising Companies. Visual communication designers perform various tasks assigned to them such as designing corporate identity, designing illustrative posters, designing logos for organizations, designing books, newspapers, web pages, and interactive interfaces.

Universities worked to open more faculties that offer a Visual Communication Design Program to attract young people aspiring to a bright future, a high social position and promising job opportunities.


Visual Communication Design Curriculum:

The curriculum deals with a group of scientific courses that combine art, technology, and design techniques, but some subjects may differ between universities, and here we present a general model for the basic subjects in this field:

  • First year: Basic Design – Visual Culture – Art History – Media Aesthetics – Media and Cultural Studies – Image Technology – Digital Culture.
  • Second year: Visual Design – Image Processing Technologies – Graphic Design – Audio and Video Techniques – Printing Techniques – Critical and Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship – Basic Advertising – New Media – Editing Techniques.
  • Third Year: 3D Design – Media Analysis – Book Design – Advertising Graphic – Editing Techniques 2 – Corporate Identity Design – (A Set of Optional Subjects).
  • Fourth year: 3D Printing Techniques – Project Management – Animation – Graduation Project – (A Set of Optional Subjects).


Career Fields:

Visual Communication Design graduates can work in the following sectors:

  • TV Channels.
  • Newspapers and Magazines.
  • Book Publishing Houses.
  • Advertising Companies.
  • Private Work.

Universities at the global level have realized the importance of training creative youth and creative design specialists, so they have worked to open more colleges and departments that offer the Visual Communication Design program, and to attract distinguished young people who aspire to a promising future, a high social position and distinct job opportunities.

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