Altınbaş University has the largest campus for medical sciences at the level of Turkish universities, it was founded in 2008 and soon became an international research university thanks to the valuable scientific research it provided. It includes nine faculties in addition to institutes, vocational schools and the school of foreign languages. 10,000 students secured their places in it.

Altinbas University
Altinbas University

What makes Altınbaş University special?

It is one of the most powerful Turkish universities. In a few years, it was able to compete with major universities, and to reserve a place for itself among the most prestigious universities.

Accreditation: Altınbaş University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (yök) and has been ranked among the best Turkish private universities, in addition to European and international accreditation.

Altınbaş University is distinguished by the fact that it includes in its teaching staff the most famous scientists and academics, the most experienced and efficient in their specializations, and provides them with all the educational means necessary to provide the best educational quality.

The high turnout of foreign students to Altınbaş University; because of its international reputation and its quality among universities, as one third of its students are foreigners from 88 countries, and this gives the student the opportunity to learn about various cultures, and broaden his horizons towards new knowledge in life.

The infrastructure of Altınbaş University is one of the best in universities and it is based on technology in various aspects and includes the modern campus, which is distributed over three different locations of European Istanbul, which is equipped with modern laboratories, a huge library and many other various facilities.

Altınbaş University allows its students to study in English in most of its faculties and departments, which increases the graduate’s chances of obtaining distinguished job opportunities in the future.

Altınbaş University offers its educational programs with the best educational quality and in 2015 it obtained the ISO 9901 International Quality Assurance Certificate.

Continuous development and progress: Altınbaş University is constantly working on developing in all fields, especially at the level of curricula, so that students obtain the highest educational quality and the strongest curriculum, so that the university guarantees itself an advanced place in the global ranking of universities.

Scholarships: The university has a student exchange program with a hundred and fifty universities in thirty countries, and it is a member of the Erasmus program funded by the European Union for the exchange of students between international universities.

Continuous training: which is provided to students through training courses and summer schools, in addition to its partnerships with 100 institutions and commercial companies so that their students gain practical experience with studying.

Altınbaş University takes into account the social and financial condition of its students by making the tuition fees suitable for most social classes, and it allows them to pay in installments.

Altınbaş University is one of the best Turkish universities in all aspects, and it offers a lot of offers, scholarships and advantages that you can get when you contact Studyline company, the authorized agent of Altınbaş University.

Altınbaş University has the largest medical sciences campus at the level of Turkish universities. In a short period of time, it became an international research university thanks to its valuable scientific research. It includes nine faculties in addition to institutes, vocational schools and a language school, and 10,000 students were able to reserve their seats there.

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