Arel University is one of the Turkish universities that made its way to be among the ranks of major international universities, it was founded in 2007 in the best places in Istanbul. 12000 students managed to secure their places at Istanbul Arel University distributed in six faculties, one institute and three vocational schools.

جامعة أريل

What makes Istanbul Arel University special?

Arel University is one of the most powerful Turkish universities. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in Turkey, and it is continuously rising in the world ranking to achieve its goal of being among the top five hundred in the world.

Arel University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an accredited and internationally recognized university.

Arel University is distinguished by the continuous development of curricula, the constant evaluation of its study programs to provide the best educational quality, and to reserve a permanent place for itself among the world’s major universities.

Arel University is working to attract the best scientists and academics to be the basis for delivering science to its students with the latest modern teaching methods based on modern technology in education, and their number has increased to seven hundred academics and university professors.

A student at Arel University gets the opportunity to experience studying and training in the most powerful international universities, because the university is a member of the Erasmus program for student exchange funded by the European Union, and many partnerships and bilateral cooperation agreements with major international universities.

Arel University adopts English as a language of study in various faculties and departments, making it easier for the student to obtain a distinct job opportunity in the future in addition to the Turkish language adopted in some departments.

Arel University is distinguished by its strong and advanced infrastructure, represented by a modern campus in the Sefakoy area, which includes 400 smart classes, dozens of laboratories, a rich library, a television and radio studio for training, in addition to the newly opened campus in Cevizlibag for medicine and health sciences, where the laboratories occupy an area of 2000 square meters.

Arel University offers the highest educational quality and holds an International Quality Assurance Certificate. ISO IEC27001

Arel University establishes a student entertainment project on an area of 400 thousand square meters that includes football, basketball, tennis and golf fields, in addition to a 10 km walking path and bike paths. The project has been decorated with thousands of natural trees.

Arel University provides student housing for its students, and it also provides them with all amenities, tranquility, and reassurance, so that they can achieve the highest levels of academic excellence.


The university’s proximity to the business world:

Arel University establishes for the future of its students by concluding hundreds of partnership agreements with major companies and institutions; In order for students to have their opportunity for training while studying, and for employment after graduation.

Arel University follows up its students after graduation through the Alumni Office, which helps them prepare a professional CV, and helps them find an excellent job opportunity.

Arel University is one of the best universities, and despite the excellent educational quality provided, it keeps its tuition fees moderate and appropriate for everyone, in addition to a lot of scholarships, offers and privileges that you can get when you contact Studyline, the authorized agent of Arel University.

Arel University is one of the most powerful Turkish universities, ranked among the top 100 universities in Turkey, and is constantly rising in the world rankings to achieve its goal of being among the top five hundred in the world.

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