Atilim University is considered one of the most prestigious leading and growing non-profit private universities with its innovative institutions in Turkey, it was founded in 1996. In a few years it was able to impose its name among the most powerful Turkish and international universities. 9,000 students managed to secure their seats in its seven faculties and three institutes.

جامعة اتيليم

What makes Atilim University special?

Atilim University is really one of the universities that compete strongly in the advanced ranks in the global and Turkish rankings, as it is ranked 251 in the world for young universities, and fifth among Turkish universities.

Atilim University in Ankara is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an internationally recognized and accredited university.

Atilim University is distinguished by its competitive spirit and its great ambition to be an international university. It has a place among the top 500 international universities, and it is taking deliberate steps towards this goal, and achieving the competitive conditions for international universities.

Atilim University achieves the opportunity for its students to find the major they dream of, with the diversity of its study programs as it offers more than 40 academic majors, and it is one of the few universities that offer a professional Aviation Program.

Atilim University is considered a university that attracts the most famous scholars, and the best academics, whether from Turkey or abroad, to join it, until it has the most experienced, distinguished and famous teaching staff in Turkey.

Students at Atilim University get their chance to get the experience of studying and training in the most powerful universities in the world, because it is a member of the Erasmus program for the exchange of students funded by the European Union, and many cooperation agreements with the most powerful international universities.

Atilim University is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure built on the basis of technology in education. It includes a modern campus, modern laboratories, smart classrooms in addition to a rich library and many other facilities.

Students at Atilim University benefit from the LAP Research Projects Program, which was organized with the aim of raising the level of researchers and creative students while learning and supporting research projects with an amount of 20,000 Turkish liras for each project.

Students at Atilim University will not find it difficult to find housing close to the university because it provides its students with university housing equipped with all security and safety means, and provides them with all amenities and entertainment in order to create an ideal environment for study.

Atilim University gives the entertainment aspect great importance so that students can relax during the study and return to their lectures with vigor and vitality. For this purpose, all the necessary facilities have been prepared, in addition to student clubs, cultural, social, artistic and sports activities that are held throughout the year.

Atilim University is one of the best Turkish universities and is classified as an international university in addition to many advantages and offers that you can get when contacting StudyLine, the authorized agent of Atilim University.

Atılım University is really one of the universities that compete strongly in the advanced ranks in the global and Turkish rankings, as it is ranked 251 globally for young universities, and the fifth among Turkish universities.

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