Gelişim University is one of the five most preferred universities locally among the constituent universities in Turkey, and it is on its way to be one of the most preferred universities on the global level. It was launched in 2011 and quickly joined by thousands of students who reached 30 thousand students distributed in four faculties, six higher schools and one institute. It has celebrated the graduation of 28,000 students since its inception.

Gelişim University
Gelişim University

What makes Gelişim University special?

Gelişim University is considered one of the best Turkish universities in terms of development and advancement in the local and Turkish university rankings, and has been distinguished since its inception in various aspects, educational, administrative, cultural, entertainment and others.

Gelişim University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is accredited by European Educational Institutions, and thus it is recognized and accredited in various countries of the world.

Gelişim University is distinguished by its rapid development and great progress to become among the best international universities and has reached the top seven universities in the world in the Times Higher Education (Oscar of Higher Education).

Gelişim University does not leave a well-known scholar or academician with high competence unless it invites him to join its educational family, in order to offer its students, the best experiences and skills that make them integrated with the modernity of the times.

Gelişim University students can realize their dreams of studying in the best international universities that are Gelişim University’s partner, through the Erasmus program for student exchange funded by the European Union, and through bilateral cooperation agreements with more than a hundred international universities in Germany, Britain and the United States.

The student will not find it difficult to find his dream major because of the variety and abundance of study programs at Gelişim University, as it offers 79 educational programs in the three university stages, and it is one of the most popular university majors required in the labor market.

Gelişim University is distinguished by its interest in English, and its accreditation in most faculties and departments, which is the language in which the student can get the most prestigious jobs after graduation.

Gelişim University is one of the universities most interested in training and practical practice for students during their university studies in order to provide them with the necessary means to achieve their goals in establishing their own businesses.

Gelişim University is distinguished by its modern campus located in the Gelişim University Tower, which overlooks most of Istanbul, which contains 18 research centers and 80 laboratories, in addition to smart and advanced classrooms.

Gelişim University students will enjoy their free time in practicing their hobbies in recreation centers, sports, cultural, social and artistic activities, which are held throughout the year.

Studying at a distinguished university such as Gelişim will open up broad prospects for you to a bright future, and you can learn more advantages and take your opportunity of many scholarships and offers at the university by contacting Studyline, the university’s authorized agent.

Your study at a distinguished and strong university such as Gelişim University will open up broad prospects for you for a bright future. You can learn more about the advantages and take your chance at the many scholarships and offers at Gelişim University by contacting StudyLine, the university’s accredited agent.

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