It is the university based on the latest educational technology, and located in the most beautiful areas of Istanbul. Haliç University was founded in 1998 and began graduating students who are active in the labor market. Their number exceeded 18 thousand graduates as it includes 10 thousand students in its seven faculties.

Haliç University
Haliç University

What makes Haliç University special?

The experience of the years has made Haliç University one of the best and most distinguished universities, and one of the universities that consistently progresses in the global university rankings.

Haliç University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council and is an internationally accredited and recognized university.

Improving the quality of education by integrating the virtual reality factor in education in various academic specializations, including virtual reality and simulation in surgery for medical students, and virtual reality movement of places for students of the Faculty of Architecture.

Haliç University is distinguished for its permanent advancement, as the university is constantly striving for a continuous rise in the global rankings with the growing scientific development in all applied and theoretical disciplines.

Every year Haliç University meets the desires of more students to find the dream university specialization for each student by increasing the educational programs it offers. Haliç University offers more than 60 academic programs, all of which are popular majors that keep pace with the labor market and its needs.

Students at Haliç University get the opportunity to study and train at an international university through the Erasmus program funded by the European Union, and many bilateral agreements linking Haliç University with major American and international universities.

The expert and distinguished academic staff that Haliç University is working to attract from among the most famous, most experienced and efficient scientists, and it provides them with everything they need to deliver their scientific message in an outstanding manner.

Haliç University takes into account the individual differences between students and encourages students to develop their talents in all fields, discover their individual skills, and provide incentives for them, in order to help them achieve their goals.

The privileged location in the center of Istanbul on the European side, and in the most famous and visited places by tourists, which is reached by various means of transportation.

Housing: The university provides student housing for males and females near the university in modern buildings equipped with all services and amenities.

Scholarships: The University has an annual system of partial and full scholarships.

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