Isik University is one of the best Turkish universities and one of the most experienced in the field of education, as it is the summary of the experience of the Feyziye Cultural Foundation for 124 years, founded in 1996 in the most beautiful areas of the Asian section of Istanbul, and it includes more than twenty thousand students distributed in five faculties, institutes and vocational schools.

جامعة أشيك

What makes Isik University special?

Isik University is a result of years of experience and one of the best Turkish universities and occupies a prominent place among the hundred best Turkish universities, and it is among the top 250 international universities according to the QS EECA University Ranking.

Isik University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is internationally recognized.

Isik University is distinguished by the academic and teaching staff that works within its ranks, as it works to bring together the most famous scientists and professors and the most competent in their specialization at the local and international levels.

The student will not find it difficult to find the dream university major they are looking for; Where Isik University is distinguished by the diversity of its study programs; As it offers more than 50 educational programs in its faculties, thus fulfilling the desires of most students aspiring to a successful future.

Cooperation and student exchange agreements with major international universities, and in this context, Isik University is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program funded by the European Union, which gives students the opportunity to study and train in the most powerful universities in the world.

Isik University is distinguished by the continuous development and constant updating of its academic programs because it is always working for the continuous rise in the global ranking with the growing scientific development in all applied and theoretical disciplines.

Reliance on technology in education and the use of the latest research and training methods, and the establishment of the most modern scientific laboratories that meet international conditions, to keep pace with the spirit of the age, to provide the best educational quality.

The English language adopted by Isik University in its academic programs, which makes it easier for graduates to find a job opportunity in major international institutions, and which gives the student an additional advantage in the labor market.

Isik University is distinguished for its integrated infrastructure, as it has a modern campus equipped with the best classrooms, and a university library rich in books and references that help students write their research.

Students at Isik University do not suffer from academic stress because they have the ability to relax themselves while studying and then return actively and energetically to their lessons, in addition to student clubs such as various cultural, social and sports activities.

Isik University is considered one of the most powerful universities, and has been ranked among the best Turkish universities, in addition to many of the advantages and offers that the student can obtain through contacting StudyLine, the authorized agent of Isik University.

Işık University is considered one of the strongest universities, and ranked among the best Turkish universities. This and many other features and offers that a student can obtain by contacting StudyLine, the authorized agent of Işık University.

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