Istanbul Aydın University is the first destination for international students in Istanbul, with more than five thousand students, and it is the most popular university that offers scholarships to its students, with 86% of students who receive scholarships It was founded in 2007 in the European section of Istanbul, and in a few years the number of students in it exceeded 39000 students distributed among twelve faculties, one institute and three vocational schools.

جامعة آيدن

What makes Istanbul Aydın University special?

The educational environment and the ideal academic conditions provided by Istanbul Aydın University have made it among the best Turkish universities, and among the best international universities as well.

Turkish and international recognition, in addition to Istanbul Aydın University owning the ECTS issued by the European Commission, and the DE Diploma Supplement, which is a supplementary document that aims to provide academic and professional recognition on the international platform, and in this way, educational and work opportunities for graduates in the European Union increase.

Students at Istanbul Aydın University get the opportunity to study and train in international universities because the university is a member of the Erasmus program for the exchange of students funded by the European Union, in addition to bilateral agreements with 450 international universities.

Istanbul Aydın University is distinguished by that it includes in its teaching staff a group of the most famous scholars and the best academic experts, which works to attract them from prestigious international universities, and provides them with all modern means to provide the best educational quality.

Continuous improvement through the continuous evaluation of educational curricula and programs, and the expansion of adding more popular educational programs that are highly needed in the labor market to keep pace with the changing era.

Istanbul Aydın University is unique in offering an Arabic language program for non-Arabs, which is widely required in the labor market and in the largest universities in Turkey.

Reduced fees and scholarships: Istanbul Aydın University fees are suitable for all Arab students who wish to complete their studies in Turkey, however the university offers many full and partial scholarships for its students.


Istanbul Aydın University’s proximity to the business world:

Career Planning Service: It is a service provided by the university to its students and graduates to prepare them for the profession of their dreams through structured training courses, and to provide world-class education through a practical education approach.

Employment: Assisting students after graduation to get a job through relationships and agreements with solution partners after graduation, so that students get their dream job. The employment rate for graduates is 83.6

University hospitals that provide practical training for students and the opportunity to work after graduation, including one general hospital, five dental hospitals, and a health center that includes 27 laboratories for medical sciences.

You will find scientific knowledge, international quality, and entertainment services at Istanbul Aydın University, and many other advantages, offers and great scholarships that you can obtain when you contact Studyline, the authorized agent of Istanbul Aydın University.

Scientific strength, international quality and entertainment services are all you will find at Aydın University, this and many more features, offers and great grants that you can get when you contact Studyline, the authorized agent of Aydın University.

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