In the city center of Istanbul, near the Golden Horn, and on a huge campus, Istanbul Bilgi University was founded in 1996, which in a short period became one of the leading universities and competitors at the level of Turkey and the world. The university has 200,000 students and has celebrated the graduation of forty-five thousand students, distributed over seven faculties and four institutes.

Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Bilgi University

What makes Istanbul Bilgi University special?

İstanbul Bilgi University is one of the best Turkish universities, and it always makes great leaps to reach the best international ranking.

Istanbul Bilgi University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council and is an accredited and internationally recognized university.

Istanbul University is distinguished by its wide network of strong relations with the universities of the European Union through the Erasmus program for student exchange, in addition to many bilateral cooperation agreements with the most powerful international universities, giving its students the opportunity to study and train in the most advanced international universities.

Istanbul Bilgi University is distinguished by the diversity of its academic programs, as it offers more than a hundred and fifty educational programs in its three university levels, by a faculty that includes more than 1500 university professors from the most famous and most qualified academics and scientists.

Istanbul Bilgi University is known for its high level among Turkish universities and it is among the top 100 universities in Turkey, and it always strives to advance in university rankings by including more scientists in its staff, and developing its research centers and laboratories.

Istanbul Bilgi University allows its students to study in English in many of its departments, with a preparatory year to learn English, which helps its graduates in obtaining prestigious jobs in the labor market.

Istanbul Bilgi University enjoys a privileged location in the center of Istanbul and is close to various means of transportation, making it very easy to reach.

The university provides quiet and safe student housing for its students, which is equipped with all amenities and luxury.

The large number of research centers, the capacity of the laboratories of the university and their development, and they contain many social and cultural facilities, and a rich and varied university library, in addition to the university newspaper that issued thousands of internationally accredited research papers and scientific books.

Istanbul Bilgi University is distinguished by its wide and distinctive campus, as the university occupies a large area of 210,000 square meters.

Istanbul Bilgi University has not forgotten the entertainment aspect, as it performs dozens of various recreational, sports and artistic activities for its students on a regular basis, so that students keep their vitality in educational achievement.

The educational quality provided by Istanbul Bilgi University has not affected its appropriate tuition fees for Arab students, in addition to the many offers, scholarships and additional benefits that you get when you communicate with Studyline, the authorized agent of İstanbul Bilgi University.

The strong educational quality offered by Bilgi University has not affected its tuition fees for Arab students, in addition to the many offers, grants and additional benefits that you get when you contact StudyLine, the authorized agent of Bilgi University.

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