Istanbul Commerce University was founded by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 2001, which is considered one of the most powerful chambers of commerce in the world and owns half of Turkey’s trade. It has harnessed all its capabilities to promote the university to the highest international levels, and to provide the best educational quality for nine thousand students distributed in six faculties and four institutes.

Istanbul Commerce University
Istanbul Commerce University

What makes Istanbul Commerce University special?

The fact that Istanbul Commerce University is established by the most powerful commercial institutions in Turkey, and considered a non-profit research university, while harnessing all capabilities for its success, made it one of the most distinguished universities in addition to being one of the leaders in Turkish universities.

Istanbul Commerce University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an internationally recognized and accredited university.

Diversity of university majors: The university offers more than 80 academic programs at various university levels, and it meets the desires of most students to study the specialization that they tend to and dream of.

A student at Istanbul Commerce University will find himself studying at the hands of the most famous academics and university professors who are carefully selected from among the most famous and efficient academics at the local and international levels.

The establishment of Istanbul Commerce University by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with its strong potentials, which made the first goal of establishing the university to promote youth and make trade based on modern scientific foundations, made the university a non-profit educational institution.

The opportunity to study and train in international universities, as the university is a member of the Erasmus program for exchange of students between universities and funded by the European Union, in addition to bilateral student exchange agreements with the most powerful international universities.

Continuous progress: Istanbul Commerce University is among the top 100 Turkish universities, and it is working permanently to improve itself in the international universities ranking, by continuously updating educational programs and scientific laboratories and using the latest technology in education.

Istanbul Commerce University’s superiority in the academic and scientific aspect did not make it forget the entertainment side for students, as it has established many diverse recreational facilities, in addition to many cultural, social, sports and artistic activities throughout the year.

The language of study: The English language is adopted by 100% in many departments, and by 30% in some faculties and departments, and it is working continuously to increase the percentage of the English language in its academic specializations in addition to the Turkish language.

Practical training: The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce plays a big role in training students and ensuring that every student receives an education that integrates theory and practice without deviating from the realities of life.

Moderate tuition fees: The university is not profitable, so its tuition fees were moderate and suitable for Arab students, in addition to providing various full and partial scholarships to encourage students to excel and advance in their lives.

You will not find in Istanbul Commerce University a neglected or declining aspect of university life because it is in the leadership of advanced Turkish universities, in addition to a lot of distinguished scholarships and offers that you get through your communication with Studyline, the authorized agent of Istanbul Commerce University.

Istanbul Commerce University Istanbul ticaret, established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, in 2001, which is considered one of the most powerful chambers of commerce in the world and accounts for half of Turkey’s commerce. Distributed in six colleges and four institutes.

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