The university, which owns the largest and most famous hospital chains in Istanbul, was founded in 2009, and has become one of the most attractive universities for students. It has 30,000 students, among them about 1,300 international students, distributed among its twelve faculties and its four institutes. It is one of the fastest growing universities in the world university ranking.

جامعة إسطنبول ميديبول

What makes Istanbul Medipol University special?

Istanbul Medipol University is one of the best Turkish universities, and in record time it was able to skip many stages and compete strongly at the local and international levels.

Recognition: Istanbul Medipol University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (yök), and thus it is recognized and accredited in various countries of the world.

Medipol University includes the most famous scholars and the finest academics in their specializations, in addition to the university preparing for them all modern means of education to deliver their scientific message with the best educational quality.

A student wishing to study at Medipol University will not find it difficult to find the university specialization that he dreams of due to the great diversity of study programs at the university, all of which are popular and required specializations in the labor market.

Medipol University is well-known for its laboratories and research centers, and there are 16 research centers in various scientific and applied fields, which are in the advanced ranks of Turkey.

Medipol University is working on continuous progress in programs and curricula to keep pace with the times, and for the student to obtain the best educational quality, and for the university to obtain the best place among the most prestigious universities.

The distinguished infrastructure, represented by a modern university campus, a huge library that includes everything a student needs, and advanced scientific laboratories equipped with the latest research tools for all disciplines, in addition to stadiums, restaurants and cafes.

Medipol University is interested in English and adopts it in most of the university departments, which is the global language of work and communication.

The entertainment aspect that the university is interested in: Medipol University is a center for many different sports championships, and the university organizes many competitions such as music and cooking competitions.

University housing: It is the university campus, which relieves the student from the difficulty of moving on public transportation in Istanbul.

The university’s proximity to the business world:

Medipol University is characterized by continuous training for students, providing them with practical experience, as well as theoretical study to bring the student closer to the job market.

University Hospitals: owned by the university, in which students take their opportunity to intern during their studies and get a job after graduation, including specialized in dentistry and public hospitals, in addition to ophthalmology, heart surgery and pediatric centers.

It is the preferred university for those who want to achieve a bright future for themselves and provide the best quality of education in addition to a lot of advantages, offers and scholarships that you get when you communicate with Studyline, the authorized agent of Istanbul Medipol University.

Istanbul Medipol University is the preferred choice for those who want to achieve a bright future for themselves, and it offers the best quality of education, many features, offers and grants that you get when you contact StudyLine, the authorized agent of Istanbul Medipol University.

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