Istanbul Okan University is considered one of the best Turkish universities and is ranked among the top seven Foundation Turkish Universities, as it is the summary of decades of experience of Okan Educational Foundation. Okan University was founded in 1999, and began to pave its way to be among the elite Turkish universities. It is one of the few universities that has a Professional Aviation Program (Flight Training).

Istanbul Okan University
Istanbul Okan University

 What makes Istanbul Okan University special?

It was ranked one of the best Turkish universities.

Istanbul Okan University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an accredited and internationally recognized university.

Istanbul Okan University is distinguished by its diversity in educational programs, as it has 213 educational programs in the three university levels, which are presented in 10 faculties, three institutes, and two vocational schools, which gives the student the opportunity to easily find the major he wants to study.

Cooperation and agreements with international universities, as Istanbul Okan University is a member of the Erasmus program funded by the European Union, and it is a member of the European Education Organization, which is an opportunity for training and study in major international universities.

The continuous development of Istanbul Okan University in the curricula, academic programs and the university’s infrastructure, which is the plan established by the university to occupy the best positions among the most powerful universities in the world university rankings.

Continuous training: where students train in and outside the university through cooperation with major Turkish companies in addition to signing agreements with them, including Türk Telekom Company.

The campus of Istanbul Okan University is modern and sophisticated and is located near Sabiha Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, and is equipped with the most modern university laboratories in addition to a library that is considered one of the largest university libraries, with more than 60 thousand paper books and 390 thousand electronic books, which helps students in Study and research.

Istanbul Okan University did not forget the entertainment aspect, as it established a cinema, sauna, and a huge sports center with a capacity of 400 people, a swimming pool, and fields for football, tennis and basketball.


The university’s proximity to the business world:

Istanbul Okan University owns two hospitals for practice and training in dentistry, a public hospital and the Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience and the opportunity to have a job opportunity in the future.

In addition to Istanbul Okan University life preparation program, which aims to enable students to conduct business from the first year of study, experience certificates are added to their university degrees upon graduation

Istanbul Okan University is ranked among the best Turkish universities, in addition to many of the advantages and offers that the student can obtain through contacting StudyLine, the authorized agent of Istanbul Okan University.

Okan University is considered one of the strongest Turkish universities, and is ranked among the top seven Turkish endowment universities, and it is a summary of the decades of experience of the Okan Educational Foundation.

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