Istinye University is one of the newest Turkish universities, where the most important characteristic of this university is its reliance on technology in education. It was founded in 2015, in the lively Topkapi district in central Istanbul in the European section of the city, and in a record period of time it has become one of the most famous and best Turkish universities. It contains eight faculties and three institutes.

Istinye University
Istinye University

What makes Istinye University special?

Istinye University, which was founded in a time of modernity and civilized progress, established its architecture on technology, its education on practice and creativity, and skipped many stages in growth and development, and thus it is one of the most powerful Turkish universities.

Istinye University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (yök) and thus is accredited and recognized internationally.

Istinye University is distinguished by academic and cognitive expertise. Although it is new, it is considered the summary of a quarter of a century’s experience in research and health for the leading MLPCARE Group in the field of health in Turkey.

Istinye University considers technology and artificial intelligence the two foundations that the university relied on, in addition to using the most powerful scientific devices in the educational process in order to reserve a place for itself among the elite international universities.

The multiplicity of study programs that meet the students’ desires, with more than fifty educational programs, all of which are popular on the local and international levels and are in great demand in the labor market.

Istinye University is distinguished by the abundance of cooperation and student exchange agreements that Istinye University has with international universities, and moreover it is a member of the Erasmus program for student exchange funded by the European Union, which gives the student the opportunity to study at a European and American university.

Istinye University adopts the English language in its faculties and departments, which gives the graduate an advantage over others in the local and international labor market.

The most powerful international universities: Istinye University seeks, in deliberate and vigorous steps, to take an advanced position in the ranking of international universities by continuously updating the education system, attracting the best scientists and academics, and using the latest practical experiments laboratories.

Istinye University is proud of having the most famous and best hospitals in Turkey, and it gives its students the opportunity to have practical training during theoretical studies, and to have the opportunity to work in it after graduation.

Housing and transportation: The university provides its students with student housing for males and females, and the university’s strategic location has made it a meeting point for the various means of transportation that connect the regions of Istanbul together.

In addition, the university is distinguished by the excellent educational quality that it provides, and not only competes with that, but also with appropriate and reasonable tuition fees that it provides, in addition to a lot of advantages, offers and special grants that you will get through the Studyline Company, the authorized agent of Istinye University.

İstinye University is one of the newest Turkish universities, and the most technology-based in education. It was established in the year two thousand and fifteen AD, in the lively Topkapi district of central Istanbul in the European section of the city.

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