The first university in Turkey in Health and Behavioral Sciences. Üsküdar University won the opportunity to represent Turkey in the G20 International Summit for Brain Research. It was founded in 2011 and has become, in record time, one of the best Turkish universities and within the top 100 Turkish universities, and aspires to enter the club of the best 500 universities in the world in 2023.

Üsküdar University
Üsküdar University

What makes Üsküdar University special?

Üsküdar University is one of the best universities in Turkey, and it offers its study programs with excellent educational quality.

Üsküdar University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council and is internationally recognized.

Üsküdar University includes in its teaching staff a group of the most famous scientists and academics and the most competent in their specializations at the local and international levels, and holders of patent certificates in various fields of science.

Üsküdar University is distinguished for having unique and distinguished laboratories, and an institution with the latest technological means in education, and there are more than fifty different laboratories, some of which are the only ones in Turkey, such as the Deep Brain Stimulation Laboratory and the Brain Cells Laboratory in bioengineering.

Üsküdar University is famous for its rapid progress and continuous development, despite the university’s modernity, but in record time it has become a strong competitor among Turkish universities with a brilliant name and excellent reputation, and it is constantly rising in the international rankings of universities.

The distinguished location and campus, where the university is located in the Üsküdar neighborhood overlooking the Bosphorus from the Asian side of Istanbul. It is equipped with the most modern means of education. It includes five faculties, five institutes, vocational schools and a school of foreign languages.

English: The university teaches most of its majors in English, which is strongly required by the labor market in various countries of the world.

Students of Üsküdar University will have no difficulty finding housing in the center of Istanbul; This is because the university provides safe and comfortable university housing, which is equipped with all amenities and luxury for its students.

Üsküdar University’s fees are reasonable and suitable for most Arab students. In addition, the university offers many scholarships to its students, some of which reach full and comprehensive scholarships for years of study.


The university’s proximity to the business world:

The university owns the NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, which specializes in brain treatment and has a wide reputation in Turkey, in addition to the Psychiatric Hospital, which gives its students the opportunity for practical training while studying, and a strong job opportunity after graduation.

Üsküdar University is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Turkey, and you will find many special offers and advantages in it when you contact Studyline, the authorized agent of Üsküdar University.

Üsküdar University is Turkey’s number one university in health and behavioral sciences, and it is the university that won the opportunity to represent Turkey in the 20th International Summit for Brain Research.

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