Yeni Yuzyil University is considered one of the best Turkish universities in addition to being the most modern, developed and prosperous university. It was founded in 2009, and it is one of the most interested and diversified universities in health specialties. Its seats were distributed among 10 thousand students distributed in 10 faculties, two schools, and 3 institutes. It celebrated the graduation of 13 thousand students since its establishment.

Yeni Yuzyil University
Yeni Yuzyil University

What makes Yeni Yuzyil University special?

It is one of the best Turkish universities, with a prestigious position and a good reputation at the global level, and has been able in a record period to compete with the largest universities.

Yeni Yuzyil University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an accredited and internationally recognized university.

Yeni Yuzyil University is distinguished by its teaching staff, as it attracts the best, most famous, and most experienced and competent scientists in their specializations, as the number of academics and professors has increased to 670 professors.

A student wishing to join Yeni Yuzyil University will have no difficulty finding the university major of which he dreams; This is due to the great diversity of the programs it offers, which amount to 84 educational programs, all of which are popular specializations in the labor market.

Students at Yeni Yuzyil University get the opportunity to study and train in the most powerful universities in the world, through the Erasmus student exchange program, funded by the European Union, and many bilateral agreements for cooperation and student exchange with major universities in the world.

Yeni Yuzyil University is distinguished by its advanced and modern infrastructure based on technology in education, and includes a distinguished campus that extends over an area of ​​57 thousand square meters and includes dozens of health laboratories, computer laboratories, a rich and comprehensive library, and TV and radio studios for training.

Yeni Yuzyil University is located in the center of Istanbul in the historical area of ​​Topkapi, where heritage and tradition meet with development and modernity, and is considered a meeting point for various means of transportation in Istanbul, which makes access to it easy.

Yeni Yuzyil University pays great attention to the recreational side of its students, so that they relax during studying to keep their vitality and activity, through its high-end recreational facilities, and the various student clubs that hold sports, social, cultural and artistic activities throughout the academic year.

Yeni Yuzyil University students will not find it difficult to find housing in Istanbul, as the university provides quiet and comfortable student housing equipped with the highest levels of security and safety.


The university’s proximity to the business world:

Yeni Yuzyil University offers its students the opportunity to train and practice at the University Dental Hospital while studying to gain practical experience while studying, and it gives them an opportunity to get a prestigious job after graduation.

Yeni Yuzyil University follows up its students after graduation through the Alumni Association and directs them towards the right path to obtain the best job opportunities that befit them.

Yeni Yuzyil University proves every year that it is an outstanding university and one of the best Turkish universities, and it offers its study programs with the best educational quality and at the lowest financial cost, in addition to many of the best offers and distinguished scholarships that you can get only when you contact Studyline, the authorized agent of Yeni Yuzyil University.

Yeniyüz yıl University proves every year that it is an outstanding university and one of the best Turkish universities, and it offers its study programs with the strongest educational quality and the lowest financial cost,

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