Student Accommodation

We previously talked about some aspects related to Studying in Turkey and Student Accommodation in it. In this article, we will shed light on Student Accommodation as all students wishing to study in Turkey or even study in Turkey need to know the types of Student Accommodation and the advantages and disadvantages of these types, each separately.

Student Accommodation
Student Accommodation

Types of Student Accommodation in Turkey:

There are four types of Student Accommodation in Turkey, and we will discuss each of them in more detail later in this article.

  • Government Student Dormitories (KYK).
  • Vakif Student Dormitories (non-profit foundations’ dorms).
  • Private Student Dormitories.
  • Youth Accommodation (Apartments for Rent).
  1. Government Student Dormitory (KYK):

It is a student residence of the Turkish government and is run by the KYK Foundation of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is considered one of the most famous types of student accommodation in Turkey and this type of student accommodation is widespread in all Turkish states, where the number of its housing units is estimated at about 400 government student accommodation units.

It has more than 368,000 beds. The student must pay 500 Turkish liras insurance allowance to obtain housing in it.

The cost of government student dormitory is moderate and affordable for all students ranging from 200 to 400 Turkish liras per month.

Some government residences are open throughout the year for summer courses and summer student activities. This requires registration in the summer courses earlier in order to stay in these residences during the summer vacation.

It receives students benefiting from scholarships granted by the Turkish government, and allows foreign students to register for housing.


  1. Vakif Student Dormitory (non-profit foundations’ dorms):

It is a student residence under the supervision of the Turkish Religious Endowment, a well-known religious and charitable organization in Turkey that provides support to Turkish and foreign students. It provides students with modern and safe accommodation for a nominal fee and with significant discounts. It is available in 3 provinces in Turkey, Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. The application is available to all students regardless of their political orientation. It also allows Arab and foreign students to live in it, but in general these dormitories are not ideal housing, because they do not fulfill the conditions of actual comfort that the student needs to study in and prepare for the exam well.


  1. Private Student dormitory:

It is a residence for students managed by private companies in Turkey and provides comfort and tranquility, and is characterized by the existence of distinct services such as:

It is better than the Government Student Dormitories and Vakif Student Dormitories in terms of service and study atmosphere.

 Students enjoy greater independence and privacy than other types of student housing in Turkey, and the number of people staying in one room is less than it is in other dormitories, thus providing its students with a better atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

It is close to public and private universities, in addition to that there are some private student housing that is affiliated with some private universities that are distinguished by excellent services, but these accommodations are only given to students enrolled in these universities.

There are many types of rooms, some of which are rooms for one person, some are double rooms for two persons, and some are for more than 3 people, and the value of the monthly rental allowance for each room varies according to its type.

It is worth noting that private student residences provide students with meals, either two or three meals a day, but breakfast is considered a basic meal.

Private student dormitories provide students with free open internet access, as well as laundry services.

Private student residences have comfortable and convenient places for students to study.

Private Student dormitories own private female dormitories.

Private student housing in Turkey varies according to the companies operating on it, but in general, the amount of the monthly allowance is directly related to the number of services provided by these student housing.

There are some private student residences that have their own conditions, so some private student dormitories are reserved only for a specific university or even for a specific specialty in that university, such as engineering or medicine and other specialties.

Students who want to obtain student housing in Turkey must possess some official documents that prove that they are students, in order to be able to apply for a place inside the student residence in Turkey.


  1. Youth Accommodation (Apartments for Rent):

These are apartments for young people, whether students or foreign youth in general who work in Turkey, and some are reserved for young people and others for young women.

It is highly available in the city of Istanbul and this type of housing is very popular with Arab youth.

Sometimes a group of students can rent an independent apartment, but this is expensive for students as it entails the costs of insurance and household furniture, so most students tend to go to student housing.

Sometimes a group of students can rent an independent apartment, but this is expensive for students as it entails the costs of insurance and household furniture, so most students tend to go to student housing.

Students are obligated to pay a monthly payment for their housing, as youth housing also provides many free services such as: electricity – water – internet – gas. People inside youth housing are usually kept quiet and clean.

There is a great competition in the prices of apartments and rents because the demand for this type of housing is large and rent varies depending on the Turkish province.

Most of the times, student dormitories for female students are located in modern housing complexes in order to serve them with protection and safety, and this is due to an increase in monthly expenses, and therefore the monthly rent for them is higher than student housing for male students.


Thus, we have presented to you the most important matters for those who wish to obtain student housing in Turkey in terms of types of student housing and the differences between each type separately. We also showed you some important points of services and prices to be somewhat clear to everyone who wants to study in Turkey.