الدراسة في اسطنبول

Study in Istanbul

We talked in a previous article about the study in Turkey in general, and in this article the focus will be on the study in Istanbul in particular, as the city of Istanbul is one of the largest and most important cities in Turkey, not only for the tourism and economic sector, but even the educational sector, and therefore the largest A percentage of universities in Turkey are located in Istanbul, and it is known that obtaining a study seat in one of Istanbul’s universities is more difficult than it is in one of the universities in other Turkish provinces, but nevertheless there are many opportunities for students to study in Istanbul, and in this article I will We go into some details in this regard.

Tuition costs in Istanbul

As these costs are divided into two parts: costs for living life, housing, clothing, food and drink, and other costs related to the costs of studying in Istanbul, which include university fees.

Costs in terms of university fees:

As there is a difference in university fees between each university, and this generally concerns the university itself and also relates to the type of specialization, but in general the costs for university fees for studying in Istanbul are higher than other Turkish cities, because most of the universities in Istanbul are the universities that It is often aimed at foreign students who see that the tuition costs in Turkey are very cheap compared to the costs of studying in European and American countries, however there are some universities in Istanbul that have medium-value fees, apart from that it is possible to obtain admission in public universities at low costs.

The costs of studying in Istanbul in terms of housing:

Usually the costs of government university housing are low in all Turkish cities, compared to the housing costs of private universities, but for private university housing it is significantly higher than public universities, and it is also higher in Istanbul in particular than other cities.

As for private housing that is outside university housing, it is often a student apartment at a reasonable price because the rent of the apartment is paid in partnership with other students, but in the desire to live in a private and independent apartment, the cost will be a little expensive, because the value of the rent allowance in Istanbul is higher than other Turkish provinces, due to the large demand for it and because of the great crowding in the city of Istanbul.

Study in Istanbul in private universities

Many private universities in Turkey are considered one of the best universities in the world, as they allow many university majors that are the focus of most students’ interest, and it is worth noting that most private universities in Turkey adopt the English language as the primary language for teaching in them, and it should be noted that the largest A percentage of private universities in Turkey are located in Istanbul, and therefore we find that most foreign students focus on studying in Istanbul, and the following are the most important private universities in Istanbul:

  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Bahçeşehir University
  • Medipol University
  • Sabancı University
  • Kadir Has University
  • Istanbul Aydın University
  • Üsküdar University
  • Altınbaş University
  • Istanbul Kültür University
  • Özyeğin University

Study in Istanbul at public universities

Public universities in Turkey are no less important than private universities, as each of them has different characteristics from the other, so public universities in Turkey are low-cost when compared to private universities, but on the other hand they have somewhat more difficult conditions for accepting students in them, and some public universities Especially in the city of Istanbul, it depends on some of its own conditions for students to be accepted, and therefore the acceptance rate in it is lower than other universities, and we mention some public universities for those who wish to study in Istanbul:

  • Istanbul University
  • Marmara University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Bosphorus University Boğaziçi University
  • Yildiz Technical University İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi İTÜ
  • Galatasaray Üniversitesi University
  • Istanbul Civic University İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi
  • Mimar Sinan University of the Arts Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar
  • Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi YTÜ Technical University
  • Turkish-German University Türk Alman Üniversitesi

Study in Istanbul by scholarships

There are many scholarships in Turkey as we mentioned that in a dedicated article, and in fact all scholarships in Turkey are great scholarships, and each scholarship differs from others with many features, but in general all these scholarships have many benefits for students, as There are many of these scholarships in Istanbul universities, but each scholarship has its own conditions in order to obtain it and benefit from it, and we mention some of these scholarships as follows:

Ibn Khaldun Scholarships for Social Studies:

Often these scholarships are the focus of interest for postgraduate students who want to enroll in a university and study in Istanbul, and there are some prestigious universities in the field of social sciences, located in Istanbul: such as Istanbul Bilgi University, Bilkent University, Hacettepe University and Yasar University.

Ali Kushchu Science and Technology Scholarship:

This scholarship is intended for students wishing to enroll in a Turkish university and continue their studies in the field of science and technology, and this grant is available to all foreign students of all nationalities, but on the condition that they obtain an average of at least 80% at the bachelor’s level.

Yunus Emra Turkish Language Scholarship Program:

Mostly, this scholarship is aimed at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students who have the desire to study

The Turkish language in Turkey, where this scholarship is fully paid for the tuition costs, in addition to that it offers Turkish language courses to prepare students to study in the Turkish language, and from some universities that offer this scholarship for those who want to study in Istanbul: Sabancı University and Boğazici University.

Sabancı University Postgraduate Scholarships:

This university is considered one of the most important universities in Turkey and it is interested in innovation and scientific research, as this university offers scholarships for masters and doctoral degrees, and its tuition costs are fully covered, in addition to that it offers a monthly allowance of 1050 Turkish liras for each student who received the grant, but if it is The student’s desire is to live outside the university campus, which is provided by the scholarship for free, so the student will receive a monthly allowance of 500 Turkish liras, which is an allowance through which it covers transportation expenses, and these scholarships are of interest to everyone who wants to study in Istanbul.

Istanbul Şehir University Social Sciences Scholarships:

Where this scholarship is applied by postgraduate students who hold a seat in one of the social sciences specializations, and this grant has many advantages as well, as it covers all the student’s tuition costs in addition to that it provides a monthly allowance ranging from 500 to 1250 Turkish liras for a period of 21 A month as a living allowance, in addition to providing free meals, health insurance and a laptop device for 100% free, and it is also of interest to everyone who wants to study in Istanbul.

Istanbul Şehir University Natural and Applied Sciences Scholarships:

This scholarship is distinguished by being one of the most competitive grants because it accepts a very limited number of students after conducting the necessary evaluation for all applications submitted for admission to this specialization, and one of the most important features of this grant is that students who obtain it are able to study as academic assistants at a rate of 20 working hours per week, and as They can also obtain additional support from their supervisors if they are involved in one of the research projects that are funded.

Thus, we find that studying in Istanbul is somewhat different from studying in other Turkish cities, in relation to the cost of living, university fees and how to obtain a study seat in a university, and it should also be noted that Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish cities in terms of aesthetics, tourist and archaeological places. On the demographic side, we find that Istanbul is inhabited by a much greater percentage of foreigners than the people of the city, and therefore there are people of all nationalities in the world always in Istanbul, especially those who came to study in Istanbul.

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