We often hear about the “TOEFL test”, but many of us do not know what this test is, what it means and what is its importance. The TOEFL test, or “TOEFL”, is originally an abbreviation for the phrase “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, which is about combining the first letters of the sentence into a word One, and this sentence in Arabic means “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, and this test is one of the most important university or academic admission requirements for most European and American countries, and the aim of this test is to determine the student’s level of English, in addition to knowing whether This student is able to integrate with the academic environment in universities that adopt the English language as the primary language for teaching the curriculum in them.اختبار التوفل


Types of TOEFL test:

In fact, the TOEFL test is divided into three main types, as each type differs somewhat from the others, and we will explain that as follows:

Computerized TOEFL CBT test:

This type of test is an abbreviation for the phrase “Coputer Based Test”, which means in Arabic “the computerized TOEFL test”. In fact, this type of test is no longer used today, because it has been replaced by another type that is more flexible.

TOEFL iBT test:

This type has replaced the computerized test, which is an abbreviation for the phrase “Internet Based Test”, which means in Arabic “the TOEFL test based on the Internet”, and this type is the most famous in our time, because of its flexibility in dealing with it, as The percentage of applicants for this type of exam is estimated at approximately 97% of the total number of people taking the TOEFL test, in addition to this type, supported by many sources and references, either on the Internet or in the libraries related to this test, and this type of test is available throughout the year in most Regions of the countries of the world, which contain centers of the American ETS Foundation specialized in testing, as it organizes this type of tests as well.

PBI paper-based TOEFL test:

This type of test is less common than other types of tests. It is an abbreviation for “Paper Based Test”, which means in Arabic “paper-based test”. This type is only used in some regions of the world that do not have an Internet connection.

The difference between TOEFL PBT and IBT:

There is a big difference between the paper-based TOEFL test and the internet-based one, as we will address the most important of these differences as follows:

Exam time period:

The duration of the exam, which is presented on paper, is only three and a half hours, while the duration of the Internet-based test is four and a half hours. In addition, the second type depends only on the use of a computer and does not require any writing on paper at all.

Signs and evaluation:

There is a big difference in the evaluation method between the two mentioned types, for the TOEFL test based on the Internet is evaluated on four sections, and each section of them ranges between 0 and 30 marks, where the final total score for this type is between 0 and 120 degrees, while The paper-based TOEFL test is divided into three parts, and the total score is divided into the three sections equally, and the overall score for the total score ranges between 310 and 677 points.

The degree of difficulty between the TOEFL test types:

The paper-based TOEFL test is the most accessible of the Internet-based TOEFL as it is known, as the audio recordings in the Listening section are in the paper-based TOEFL usually shorter than in the Internet-based test, in addition to the fact that the second is usually Writing an essay topic is required in the same test, while writing the topic in the paper-based test is completely separate from the exam.

Test sections:

The internet-based test is divided into four sections and includes: reading – listening – speaking – writing, while the paper-based test is divided into three main sections only, namely: reading – grammar – listening, in addition to a separate fourth section on the test, which is the section on writing the topic.

TOEFL test sections:

Often the TOEFL test consists of 140 questions, and these questions are divided into four main sections, as follows:

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary:

Its duration ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, and this section often contains three or four text sections, each of which comes with 12 to 14 questions, and through this section the deductive skills and rhetorical abilities of the student in the English language and his understanding of the details will be assessed. And, it must be taken into account that the time allocated to this section is divided into three or four textual sections, so that each of them takes its right from time, so that the largest possible amount of marks is obtained in this section of the TOEFL test.

Listening Comprehension:

The duration of the listening section ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, and this section contains two paragraphs, and the first paragraph is audio conversations about life in university housing, and it consists of two or three sections and each of them comes with five questions, and the second paragraph is about Academic lectures, usually from four to six sections, and each section is a lecture and comes with six questions, and after this section there is a mandatory ten-minute break from the TOEFL test.

Conversation section:

This section consists of six paragraphs, where the first and second sections are independent from the rest of the sections, and in them the conversation is about a familiar experience for the student as he expresses his opinion on them, and each of them has a time of only 45 seconds, as for the remaining four sections, they are combined with the listening and reading sections Then, the student will talk about each of the four paragraphs in a summary and brief form in which he will mention what has been absorbed from those paragraphs, and the duration of each paragraph will not exceed one minute.

Essay Writing section:

It is the last section of the TOEFL test, in which the student writes two essay topics, the first is a topic derived from the written and audio syllables, where the student must summarize and write the most important points in the audio clips, and the second topic is an optional subject inspired by the student’s mind, but He must fulfill the conditions for writing the essay topics in terms of description, persuasion and guidance, including the introduction, conclusion, and so on.

Thus, we have reviewed some important information for every student who wishes to take the TOEFL test, together
According to the aim of university studies in European, American or even Turkish universities, or for other goals such as developing the English language skill, or achieving a condition of applying for a job in a company, as well as we explained the differences between the types of TOEFL exams, and we have presented some details about the sections The test, the pros and cons of each type of TOEFL test, and the amount of ease and difficulty for each type.

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