Turkey is the Focus of Attention of the Arabs and their First Destination

Turkey is a country that extends over a vast area, surrounded by eight countries, and overlooks three seas: The Black, Mediterranean and Marmara. It is also the link between the two continents of Asia and Europe, and the link between East and West as well. In Turkey, cultures are mixed, and we find in it the magic of the East, its originality, and the civilization of the West and its development.

Turkey, which aspires to be the first tourist country in the world, has become the focus of everyone’s attention not only for the purpose of visiting but also to live in it. Turkey has worked to fulfill the desires of every person wishing to visit it. People come to Turkey for many purposes, including:

Tourism: Turkey has all the elements of tourism, such as monuments, landscapes, international museums, popular markets, in addition to the advanced infrastructure, as it has the largest airport in the world, many tunnels and bridges, and a train network. Most importantly, the mild weather that plays a big role in attracting tourists.

Treatment: Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular includes hundreds of medical centers that contain the latest equipment and treat all diseases, in addition to the prosperity of plastic surgery.

Trade: The strategic location that Turkey enjoys among the countries of the world, and the great facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign traders, make it a fertile ground for various businesses.

Real Estate Investing: Turkey is witnessing a great renaissance in the field of construction. The Turkish government has encouraged investors in this field by granting them Turkish citizenship, so Turkey has become the preferred destination for Arab venture capitalists.

Searching for a Better Future: This matter concerns many Arab families due to the critical conditions that most Arab countries live in. Turkey has many factors that attract Arabs, the most important of which are the cultural rapprochement between Turks and Arabs, the cultural progress that Turkey is experiencing, the great renaissance that Turkey awaits by 2023, the diversity of residency permits granted by Turkey and the nationality granted to investors, students and qualified people.

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