Management information systems


It is considered one of the new majors in the world of university majors in particular and the world of business in general. As a result of the technological development in our life, the demand has increased for studying highly-needed specialties, and perhaps the major of Management Information Systems is the most important one. Management Information Systems combines management science and digital technology science. It is an interdisciplinary approach based on management, statistics and computer sciences.



Management information systems graduates possess sufficient knowledge of computer programming, statistics, and the basic functions of business administration science. Management Information Systems aims to bridge the gap between digital technology and the administrations of companies and various institutions, as it prepares programmers with knowledge of modern digital technology and the basics of management science. Most importantly, training programmers to collect and analyze data and make administrative, financial and technical decisions based on these data.

Duration of study:

Management information systems students study for four years in Turkish universities that are the first to open Management Information Systems departments, and are considered one of the best international universities in this field.

Importance of Management Information Systems:

The necessities of modern life and changes in the working mechanisms of commercial, industrial and service institutions gave the major of Management Information Systems great importance as it gives different departments advanced technological means to manage institutions and facilities smoothly and successfully.

Management information systems graduates are the secret of the rapid success of departments because periodic work data is available to the department at all time, which helps them to avoid mistakes and quickly address problems without letting them accumulate, which facilitates solutions and increases a good investment of time. The tasks performed by managers of Management Information Systems have made this major one of the most popular majors in the commercial, industrial and service sectors.

Management Information Systems has become one of the most important university majors that attract those wishing to join the field of entrepreneurship. Most universities pay great attention to Management Information Systems to meet the desires of creative youth and cover the needs of the labor market.

Management Information Systems Curriculum:

Students study various scientific courses that combine management sciences and digital software.

The names of some subjects may differ in different universities, and this is an example of the basic subjects for the Management Information Systems Curriculum major:

First Year: Mathematics for Social Sciences – Introduction to Business English – Data and Computer Literacy – Introduction to Management Information Systems – Data Structure and Algorithms – Research Methodology and Scientific Writing

Second year: Web-based Programming – Management and Organization – Database Management Systems – Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Data Science – Operations Research – Construction Programming – Information Systems Project Management – Production Management

Third Year: Object-Oriented Programming – Marketing Management – Economics – MIS System Analysis and Design – SEG Statement – Data Science – Public Accounting – Quantitative Decision-Making Methods – Enterprise Resource Planning

Fourth year: Practical Study of Management Information Systems – Graduation Project – (A group of Optional Subjects)

Career Fields:

Management Information Systems are among the most popular administrative specialties in the labor market, and the graduates of this department occupy many prestigious jobs such as:

Banks and Banking Sector

Commercial, Industrial and Service Companies

Technology Companies

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