Computer Engineering


 It emerged as a result of the digital revolution and the great boom that humanity lived through in the 1940s, which was brought about by the invention of computer, which moved humanity from relying on muscles to relying on brains in all aspects of life.



Computer Engineering is one of the branches of electronic engineering where a group of engineering sciences meet with the sciences of mathematics and physics in order to design and develop a computer device of various sizes and shapes.

The primary goal of Computer Engineering is the design and development of computer hardware and the production of information systems and their electronic applications.

The difference between Computer Engineering and Software Engineering is that Computer Engineering focuses on the hardware and its work inside the device and how to deal with the processor, memory and electrical circuit in addition to working on developing them to reach the highest possible quality, while Software Engineering is concerned with developing and designing high-quality software through which the computer is operated.

Students study four years graduating from Turkish universities, equipped with the best creative skills that help them succeed in working life, thanks to Turkish universities equipped with modern teaching methods and the best computer laboratories at the level of universities in the world.

Importance of Computer Engineering:

Computers in our modern era are the basis for various aspects of life, unlike what was prevalent in the late twentieth century when it was confined to limited sectors. Computers have become used by all segments of society and the industrial, commercial, service, health and educational sectors.

As a result of the growing demand for smart devices, it was natural for the global companies to design and develop computers to cover more aspects of human life. These major companies depend on the clever computer engineer, who is considered one of the most important foundations of their success.

Computer Engineering is one of the leading and influential disciplines in human life, and this is what gives the computer engineer a prominent position in human societies and makes Computer Engineering a must in the modern era.

Computer Engineering is witnessing a great turnout by creative young people who are familiar with the mysteries of this accelerating era and as a result of the above, international and Turkish universities attach great importance to Computer Engineering and are working to develop it continuously to achieve more civilizational booms for humanity.

Computer Engineering Curriculum:

Students study a group of scientific courses, which are a mixture of electrical engineering and scientific materials that aim to give the student the ability to design the best computers. Some of the subjects may differ between universities, and this is an example of some of the subjects taught in this major:

First year: Introduction to Computer Engineering – Academic Communication Skills – Mathematics – General Physics – General Chemistry – Logic and Discrete Mathematics – Introduction to Programming – Analysis for Engineering and Science

Second year: Data Structures and Algorithms – Large-scale Programming – Electrical and Electronic Circuits – Probability and Statistics – Linear Algebra and Differential Equations – Computational Theory – Design of Digital Systems – Engineering Economics Analysis

Third year: Summer Training – Software Engineering Concepts – Database Systems – Operating Systems – Principles of Programming Languages ​​- Computer Networks and Network Programming – Signal Processing and Algorithms

Fourth Year: Engineering and Science Ethics – Summer Training – Computer Engineering Design – Logic Circuits and Microprocessors – Introduction to Computer Vision – Bioinformatics – Graduation Project

Career Fields:

Because all work in this century depends on computers, this has created great job opportunities for computer engineers in many fields:

Computer Design

Designing Control Systems, Electronic Services and Smart Systems

Computer Network and Database Security


Digital Signal Processing and Database Design

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