Department of Accounting and Finance Management


It is one of the university majors related to the world of business and administrative and financial positions in various commercial, industrial, service and other sectors.



This major focuses on a variety of sciences, including general economic issues, microeconomics, finance and administration work, as well as applications of accounting and financial management.

In the first years of study, students receive various courses such as basic mathematics, accounting, economics and law. They also receive, along with theoretical study, the practical training necessary to successfully go through their life experiences.

This major also aims to train financial and administrative experts and consultants, as well as certified accountants, and to provide them with the necessary skills to conduct financial audits, tax audits, business administration and accounting, and legal procedures related to the accounting sector and many other tasks.

In addition to the above, it trains students to acquire creative and strategic thinking skills, to overcome all problems and difficulties that may hinder their career.

Duration of study:

Students study for four years in this department in various international universities, of which Turkish universities are considered one of them, as they achieve a distinct civilized leap in the field of education, especially university education.

Importance of Accounting and Finance Management:

The importance of this major stems from the great need for this field in the various sectors of human life, as we find graduates of this major working in all important administrative and financial positions in all commercial, industrial, educational, service, health and other areas of life.

Because of the competition between companies, institutions and countries, the importance of this major has increased, as companies seek to employ graduates of this major in order to achieve the highest efficiency and greatest profit by making use of the available resources to achieve the company’s interests in the best possible way.

The work and tasks of graduates of this major are not limited to financial transactions, as they carry out various accounting and administrative work, including financial accounting, auditing, budget preparation, risk management, management consulting, tax planning and tax advice, but more than that if they contribute significantly to drawing financial and administrative strategies for companies that They work out. In addition to the above, they contribute significantly to drawing financial and administrative strategies for the companies they work for.

International and Turkish universities attach great importance to this major through the continuous development of its academic program to keep pace with the spirit of the times and meet the needs of the growing labor market and fulfill the desires of creative young people aspiring to achieve a promising future, prestigious social status and high income.

Accounting and Finance Management Curriculum:

It deals with a group of scientific courses related to economics, management and law. Here is a sample curriculum from Istanbul Arel University:

First year: Financial Accounting – Basic Mathematics – Introduction to Business – Microeconomics – Basic Law – Financial Mathematics – Statistics – Macroeconomics

Second year: Information Technology – Law of Obligations – Labor Law and Social Security – Business Finance – Public Finance – Cost Calculation – Professional Responsibility and Ethics – Research Methods – Accounting Applications – Critical Thinking, Creativity and Entrepreneurship – Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Third Year: Banking and Insurance Accounting – Health Institutions Accounting – Foreign Trade Transactions Accounting – Accounting Standards – Project and Risk Management – Corporate Accounting – Tax Law – Portfolio Management – E-Commerce – Building and Real Estate Accounting – Portfolio Management.

Fourth Year: Financial Accounting Practices – Financial Management – Accounting Auditing – Taxes – Management Accounting – Cost Accounting Applications – Professional Accounting Law – International Taxes – Applied Project Management – Tax Audit

Career Fields:

It is considered one of the popular majors in the labor market in various sectors, and these are some of the jobs that graduates can work in:


Banks and Banking Sector

Chartered Accountant

Private Work

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