Kadir Has University

Cibali, Kadir Has Cd., 34083 Cibali / Fatih/Fatih/İstanbul

Istanbul / Europe 

It is one of the best Turkish universities, and since its first inception, it has combined tradition and modernity in various aspects and fields. It was founded in 1997 on the banks of the famous Istanbul Bay, and included in its campus more than 7,000 students distributed in five faculties, and it celebrated the graduation of 11795 students.



What makes Kadir Has University special?

Kadir Has University is one of the best Turkish universities and is among the top fifty universities in Turkey. It is constantly progressing in the world university rankings to get its place among the top five hundred universities in the world.

  • Kadir Has University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), and it is an accredited and recognized university in Europe and around the world.
      • Kadir Has University is distinguished by the diversity of its educational programs, in order to meet all the ambitious desires of students, and keep pace with the constant development of the era, as it offers 69 educational programs in various disciplines.
      • The international standards of educational quality are the foundations on which Kadir Has University is based in the continuous evaluation of its academic programs and the development of educational curricula in all specializations in response to international developments, and the needs of students to be at the forefront of Turkish and international universities.
      • Kadir Has University, through its cooperation with prominent international universities, has been able to help its students to continue their studies abroad in order to achieve its goal of becoming a leading international university in the center of Istanbul.
      • Kadir Has University is keen to attract the most famous scholars and the finest academics, and to select them from the most prestigious universities in the world, and to use all means and capabilities for them to provide the best educational quality.
      • Kadir Has University is distinguished by its modern and advanced infrastructure, which includes a modern campus, in which the university has been keen to maintain small class sizes in order to obtain better education and excellent educational quality.
      • Kadir Has University adopts English as a language of study in its various faculties and departments, so that students can obtain their international opportunities in education and work.
      • Kadir Has University enjoys a privileged location in the center of European Istanbul, in a location where tradition and modernity meet, and it is close to various means of transportation, making it easy for students to reach it from all regions of Istanbul.


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