Marketing is known as the art of attracting the interest of people and companies for the various products and services provided by different institutions and companies. Modern marketing emerged in the fifties of the last century, and it has witnessed a great development since its inception as a result of the great development that humanity is experiencing in the mechanisms of selling and communicating with customers and the great civilization boom that occurred in the life of human societies.



Marketing depends on a group of scientific courses that provide students with the skills of the art of selling and attracting attention, such as principles of marketing, management sciences, principles of commerce, economics and financial sciences, which form the structure of the marketing major.

Marketing aims to train skilled marketing experts who are equipped with the means and skills to communicate with customers and clients to convince them of the products and services provided by the companies and institutions represented by the marketing expert.

In addition to providing students with an education in marketing and its various fields such as brand management, pricing, marketing research, service marketing, and international marketing, giving them a general base in administrative work and extensive experience and knowledge of foreign languages ​​and communication methods.

Duration of study:

Students study for four years in Turkish universities, which are among the best universities in the world, due to the great advancement that Turkey is experiencing at all levels.

Importance of Marketing:

The great importance of the marketing specialty stems from being one of the basic pillars upon which companies and commercial, industrial and service establishments are based, as it is the first element that contributes to selling products and delivering them to consumers and achieving profits and material income on which these companies are based.

If we imagine companies and factories without the presence of a successful marketer who keeps pace with the spirit of the times, the products and services provided would become in a state of depression and the wheel of growth in these commercial institutions would stop.

In addition, the great development experienced by human societies, the electronic booms that entered our lives, the great transformation in marketing methods and the ability of marketers in this era to reach huge numbers of consumers in a short time, have made marketing one of the most important university majors that are much needed in the labor market, especially in the fields of E-marketing.

Marketing is one of the most popular majors in the business world, as the marketing manager can work in all sectors of public life such as trade, industry, tourism, treatment, education and services. Therefore, marketing is witnessing a great turnout by young people who want to reserve their places in the labor market.

Due to the importance of marketing, international universities, including Turkish universities, have worked to direct their attention to the marketing major, which is developing every day through modern technology techniques, and for this the marketing major is witnessing continuous development in its academic programs and teaching methods to keep pace with the spirit of the changing age and meet the many needs of the labor market.

Marketing Curriculum:

Marketing students study a range of important scientific courses that provide students with persuasive marketing skills, and the names of some subjects may differ between universities. Here are some of the core subjects taught in Marketing:

First Year: Introduction to Economics – Applied Business in Society – Business English – Office Applications for Business and Economics – Applied Business and Society.

Second year: Introduction to Accounting – Curricula in Management – Statistical Analysis of Business – Fundamentals of Marketing – General Psychology – Organizational Behavior – Advanced Business Statistics – Marketing Management

Third year: Marketing Research – Human Resources Management – Production and Operations Management – Consumer Behavior – Marketing Research

Fourth Year: New Product Development – Strategic Management – Strategic Marketing Management – Global Marketing Strategy.

Career Fields:

Marketing is one of the most popular majors in the modern job market, and the marketing manager can work in many sectors and places, including:

Commercial and industrial companies

Banks and banking institutions

Service and tourism companies

Schools, universities and the educational sector

Hospitals and beauty centers

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