Physiotherapy and 



It is one of the medical branches that falls under the Faculty of Health Sciences, which includes various majors, including Radiology, Laboratories, and others. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation major provides patients with non-surgical treatment, targeting many diseases and ailments, such as orthopedic diseases, nerve diseases, heart and respiratory diseases, and others.



The physiotherapist also treats patients of all groups and follows up them after surgeries to rehabilitate their organs to perform their functions normally, as well as treating athletes’ injuries such as fractures, lacerations, and others.

This major appeared in Turkish universities in the middle of the twentieth century and began to develop and use technology in education until it reached the highest levels of progress and modernity. This major is taught in more than fifty universities due to the great demand for it by young people who aspire to a bright future.

Importance of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:

The great development that medicine is witnessing in the modern era and the complete understanding of the human body, its mechanism of movement and the functions of its organs, and the relentless attempt to treat various diseases without resorting to surgery and the use of chemical drugs have made the major of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation one of the most important medical majors.

In addition to the development of the large sports field and the spread of sports clubs, and modern fitness centers that rely heavily on Physiotherapy to build a healthy, strong body, treat sports injuries, and follow-up athletes after stressful matches and exercises.

All this made the profession of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation one of the most in-demand professions in the labor market to treat people and relieve their pain.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Curriculum:

It includes a group of medical materials that show the student the human organs, the vital functions of these organs, and their movement mechanism. The curriculum differs from one university to another, and these are some of the basic subjects that are taught in this major:

First year: Physiology – Skeletal System – Nervous System – Biochemistry – Fundamentals of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Human Physiology – Endocrine and Digestive System – Anatomy – Introduction to Physiotherapy

Second year: Human Body Structure – Muscular Endurance and Flexibility – Nutrition – Neurology – Techniques Related to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Biomechanics – Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Third year: kinesiology – Radiography Techniques – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Children – Occupational Therapy – Neurophysiology – Pharmacology – Treatment of Burns and Wounds – Physiotherapy in Orthopedics

Fourth Year: Research Methods – Epidemiology – Clinical Diagnosis – Physical Therapy in Neurology – Physical Therapy in Pediatrics – Geriatric Physiotherapy – Professional Ethics in Medicine 

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Business World:

A specialist in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can find many suitable opportunities to fill the best jobs in many places such as:


Rehabilitation Centers

Pediatrics Clinics

Nursing Homes

Sports Cubs

Fitness and Body Building Centers

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